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Jun 30, 2010 02:00 PM

Gyro Craving!

Im from the Chicago NW Suburbs (near O'Hare) and im in search for an amazing gyro without having to go far. So far the best one ive had is from Doggie Diner in Woodridge. My reason for it being the best is they pile the meat high and have a generous portion of onons, tomato, tzatziki, and a huge cube of feta. Its served along with steak fries coated in vinegar and greek spices. Anyone know of a place similar to something along those lines and not just some meat thrown on a pita?

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  1. Most of the gyros sandwiches I see are substandard, because rather than cooking the meat completely - warming it sufficiently - on the cone the staff cuts from the cone and tosses the meat on the griddle before putting it on a pita. That greatly defeats the way the sandwich was typically served and the taste suffers. If I see cook staff do that to my gyros at a place I'm unfamiliar with I immediately ask for a refund and walk out.

    Last week I was with friends at a home in Lincolnwood just off Devon Ave. near Cicero Ave. and I had a gyros sandwich at East of Eden Restaurant, and it was excellent and made/presented correctly and in the style Chef Fatal describes ... minus the feta cheese. Hub's on Lincoln Ave. near Bryn Mawr also serves an excellent gyros. The East of Eden meat, though, was about as flavorful as I've tasted on that sandwich in a long time.

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      It's actually "East of Edens" (as in the expressway) and it has a sister restaurant "West of Edens" at Touhy and Niles Center, if that's any closer for Fatal. Hub's also has a Dempster location in Skokie, just West of East Prairie.

      Harry Heftman of the legendary (and now closed) Harry's Hot Dogs ended up at East of Edens after he closed up shop.