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Amazing in Autun, Burgundy

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Just had a fabulous meal at "Restaurant Le Chapitre" in Autun, a small and lovely town near Beaune and Dijon. The room is classy, casual and contemporary, with a charming owner at the door. We, two sweaty, middle-aged, Birkenstock-wearing Canadian women were welcomed warmly.
The food is terrific. I had an appetizer that consisted of three different preparations of Foie Gras - ice cream, pate and brulee, that was extraordinary and certainly comparable to Jean-George's.
Rather than describing each item, which, after all, changes regularly, let me say that this was a fabulous meal with a mix of textures, temperatures and flavours, but without the infusion of what I often find bizarre, say lemongrass into pate.
It was a tremendous treat to find this little place that does a contemporary interpretation of french food, beautifully.
And, the price was fantastic. 28 Euros for the three course dinner (and two more for the cheese plate!).
Check it out if you find yourself in this part of France.

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  1. I heartily second this recommendation. It was suggested to us by the owner/chef of the nearby Moulin Renaudiots and was so good we lunched there 2 different days. It is right behind the must-see cathedrale of St. Lazarus.

    1. ooh! I'm putting this on my list for this fall!