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Jun 30, 2010 12:23 PM

Calling Americange Range owners

Hi Folks-

I am looking at a natural gas, either 36" six-burner one-oven American Range or the 48" 6-burner, with grill and 2 ovens.

Are you happy with your AR? Does anyone have the grill and is cleaning easy? [The sales rep at the store whom I spoke with said not to get the grill--her own grill on a Jenn Air is hard to clean and she never uses hers, but rather use the outside grill.

I'm torn--in winter in NE, an indoor grill seems like it would be *very* appealing!] Any recent thoughts/experiances?

I took this query off an ealrier post on AR's that seems to have petered out and have not seen any recent word on the brand.

Many thanks!


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  1. I love mine. I have the 30", bought it 2 years ago. Cleaning of the top is easy with soap and water and the burners rock (two 17,000 BTU's? Yeah baby!) I live in SF so we don't have extreme heat - it can heat up the house). I have it vented normally through the roof with a decent VentAHood. The only complaint I can think of is that the markings on the dials have worn off. Not really a big deal.

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    1. re: ginid

      Wonderful--thanks responding ginid.

      hmmm, if it heats up your house, is it a commercial grade installed at home, or residential?

      Many, many thanks!!

    2. I got the 36 inch, 6 burner recently at a local store. I really love it. The only issue was installing it flush with the back wall. I had to move the gas and electrical about 2 inches to floor level.

      I dont have the grill, so I cant answer your question. Everything else seems to clean up pretty easy. It's such a well made range. I got their wok ring and initially it would flame outside of the ring because the wok sits too low on their ring. I added one of those taller 'wire' wok rings. This raised the wok and allowed for more air to the burner and corrected the flame so it burns inside the ring. Hope that was clear.

      Gardenweb has 4 big threads on the AR. Maybe you can ask there about the grill and people's experience. It seems if you have good venting, the issue is grilling without a cover like you would on a bbq. I'm curious what it's like for people that have the grill.

      The convection is really cool. The oven temp is accurate on mine, so no need for adjustment.

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        Cartbaby--thanks so much!

        I have been researching on gardenweb, too.

        I'm glad to hear you like your AR--everyone seems too. Someday I'll find someone with a grill! Wok info was clear, yes--and good solution!