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Jun 30, 2010 12:23 PM

Minneapolis - Quang - couple of questions

The standard order has been the sliced beef Pho - 505. In wanting to go off the board for something different, what recommendations would you have? Are the salads good? How about sandwiches?

Thank you for your feedback.

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  1. Their vermicelli salads are quite good. I am vegetarian, so I always get the bun chay. But my husband likes their bun bo xao quite a bit.

    1. I always get and very much like their bun. Also, the limeade is really delicious.

      1. Bun salads are good (my wife loves the once with beef and sliced egg roll)...and they have a spring roll with vietnamese sausage which has some kind of crunchy hollow stick thing in it that is out a of sight.

        The bahn mi are good, hot and fresh, however they don't put pate (or so little I can't taste it) on the ones I get (roast pork and pork roll) so it is missing a key flavor component. Still really good stuff though.

        On the weekends, don't miss the sea bass soup...if you can bring yourself to eat this over-harvested fish.

        1. I understand the Springies are the best in the city.

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            1. re: M F H

              Thank you for all the guidance.

            2. For me, every visit begins by sharing the shrimp and battered yams, as well as the spring rolls. One of my favorites is the lemongrass chicken over broken rice (407).

              I also like the stewed beef curry (513), though they are often out of it.

              Frankly, for a menu so expansive, they execute just about everything pretty well.

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              1. re: kevin47

                Beef curry +1. Very good.

                Also, bun with half beef half egg roll is very tasty.

                1. re: kevin47

                  I tried the stewed beef curry - 514 with baguette. The baguette was great, the broth was flavorful but very oily, and the beef was basically all grizzle. Anyone have a similar experience? I have loved everything else I have ordered at Quang so not sure if I should give the 514 another try or not. Thanks.

                  1. re: M F H

                    Yeah, I know what you mean. Asian beef is always an "adventure." If they have a mock version, you could try that. It's somewhat similar and made of wheat gluten/soy--no chewy gristle and fat.

                    But outside of that, I stick with the seafood and vegetable entrees at most asian restaurants--Very good stuff. That Sea bass soup on the weekends is pretty good, if you like large vietnamese soup. I put a lot of lime and hot sauce in mine.

                    1. re: alpa chino

                      The sliced beef 505 is always consistent, good lean meat. The stew meat MFH mentions was inedible.