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Jun 30, 2010 12:10 PM

Left Sauce Pot on Stove - Unsafe to use?

I did what you are not supposed to do - left an All Clad LTD sauce pot on a skillet, forgot about it and had the water boil out. Luckily nothing catastrophic happened, but of course I compounded my lunacy by putting the pot in the sink to cool it off - I really wasn't thinking!

Anyway, the outside bottom of the pan is fine (i.e. flat) but the inside bottom is buckled - looks like little ridges running through it (as a nerdy aside I wish I knew if this was the heat or the rapid cooling with water). I called All Clad and they recommended I not use it but sent me a coupon for a new one (how generous of them!).

I was wondering if in fact it is unsafe to use. The bottom is flat so it won't slide off the stove (the main concern of the All Clad rep). And while I won't be making risotto in it, it will serve as a back up pot to boil some water or steam veggies in (I always seem to need too many pots when I cook). But if the raised metal puts the pot at risk of either bursting or leaking metal into the food or something else - obviously not worth it.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks as always,


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  1. I would imagine that All Clad and most other high end and commercial use manufacturers have already done what you did during R&D. They most likely would have done cross section analysis to determine where and why the pan failed. I also suspect that some of the information is passed along to customer service so that they can properly advise customers who suffer this type of pan failure. Their telling you not to use it covers both your safety and possible litigation. I would follow their advice. It's not worth the safety risk to continue using it in any cooking capacity. You may also have weakened the rivets. Best to chalk it up as a "won't do that again" and enjoy the replacement pan.

    1. I wouldn't use it either. Enjoy your new pan, chuck the old one and pretend it never existed. Get another cheapo pan if you're short of something to boil water or steam veggies!

      1. If you didn't already know this, if you bought it at Williams-Sonoma, even if you've had the pan for years, they'll take it back and give you a brand new one.