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Jun 30, 2010 12:05 PM

Gluten free around Belfast Maine?

I'm heading to Swanville Maine for a week at the end of July. I gather that Swanville itself is quite small and it seems Belfast is the nearest town with many offerings. I saw in another post that there's a place in Bar Harbor, but that's about an hour and a half away. If that's my only choice so be it, but does anyone know of any dining spots closer to Belfast that offer gluten free choices?


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  1. i know for a fact that the belfast co-op has lots of gluten-free options - from entree items, to baked goods.
    chase's daily, which serves an incredible vegetarian meal on fridays, would have gluten-free options available. try calling ahead and asking!
    belfast is a very with-it town, and i'm sure different restaurants get gluten-free requests regularly.

    1. To the above, I'd add Darby's as a likely choice. Wouldn't be surprised if Bay Wrap also had gluten-free options (or get without wrap). Also worth checking what's on the menu at 3Tides this summer. Or simply call the Co-op, as likely someone there would know. Great place, with prepared foods and a cafe.

      Bay Wrap
      20 Beaver St, Belfast, ME 04915

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      1. Thanks very much for the tips! The friend I'm going with (her family has been visiting Swan Lake for 20+ years) said the Co-op would be a great resource for stocking our kitchen for the week. To know they have prepared foods is great! I will look in to all the suggestions posted.