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Jun 30, 2010 11:56 AM

Latenight places to drink wine/champagne outdoors (preferably byow)

And preferably in the vicinity of the East Side/Greenwich/Chelsea/SoHo however I'd certainly be willing to travel further uptown if merited!

It could be a rooftop bar, terrace, lounge, whatever... as long as there's no deafening house music and without the "typical" surroundings of the loud bar/club scene. So I'm looking for... a) somewhere outdoors and intimate/romantic with a nice view b) no vomit inducing thumping loud music and we can actually hear one another's voices in conversation! c) byow would be fantastic!

I'm not even sure a place like this exists in the city, but I'd even be willing to venture off-topic from this board and inquire about public 'green' spaces or outdoor open areas in Lower Manhattan (not sure of the city bylaws) that's free of crowds and safe to venture into latenight to share a romantic bottle of champagne under the stars...

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  1. Neither late night (closes @ 9pm Friday and Saturday), nor downtown, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a lovely rooftop bar that's nothing if not civilized.

    1. ยง 10-125 of the New York City Administrative Code:

      b. No person shall drink or consume an alcoholic beverage, or possess,
      with intent to drink or consume, an open container containing an
      alcoholic beverage in any public place except at a block party, feast or
      similar function for which a permit has been obtained.

      1. Also, I didn't tell you this, but rumor has it that many people have consumed wine as part of a picnic in several of NYC's parks with no hassles from the cops. My picks for evening romance in lower Manhattan would be Battery Park or the High Line. Brooklyn Bridge Park is on the other side of the river but has the most spectacular views. (And Thursday nights they have free movies.)

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          Folks, please restrict this conversation to food and drink. Purely touristic information, neighborhood safety issues, and other non-food-related matters are off topic for this or any other Chowhound boards; we've removed some off-topic posts.