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Jun 30, 2010 10:41 AM

Wedding Week in Louisville

My fiance and I are eloping to Louisville at the end of August for a week of bluegrass, bourbon, and food. We would like to make reservations for three nice dinners and then seek out cheap eats for the other nights and lunches. We will be there for six nights and are likely going to stay at the Brown Hotel (we wanted to stay at the 21C but it cuts too far into the dining budget!).

I would love recommendations for both kinds of meals. We are looking for great food but not necessarily fine dining settings. We are both foodies, I have worked in the restaurant industry for a decade and good service and food are far more important than white tablecloths.

My man is a vegetarian, so that is our only food constraint - other than needing to fill his plate with non-meat options, we're easy.

I'd also love to hear about any brewpubs in town where we can go for a break from whiskey!

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  1. Wow. Congratulations!

    There are several recent threads with stellar recommendations. . .you will not have trouble finding great, local food in Louisville.

    Check out for reviews, commentary, etc regarding the Louisville area dining world.

    Brew=New Albanian Brewing Company. They have two locations just across the bridge in southern Indiana: one downtown (the Bank Street Brew House), one on Grant Line Road, which isn't quite as close (New Albanian Public House and Pizzeria). Also, Cumberland Brews on Bardstown Road has great food and house-brewed beer.

    Romantic dinner=Le Relais at Bowman Field

    There's really too much to mention. . .will you have a car?


    Cumberland Brews
    1576 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

    1. Don't leave Louisville with out dining at Jack Fry's.

      Jack Fry's @ 1007 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY 502 - 452 - 9244.

      Go to Lynn's for lunch.

      Lynn's Paradise Cafe @ 984 Barret Ave., Louisville, KY 502 - 583 - 3447.

      610 Magnolia should be on your fine dining list but it's only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Good luck to you and your new husband.

      610 Magnolia @ 610 West Magnolia Ave., Louisville, KY 502 - 636 - 0783.

      Go to Proof on Main for lunch or a casual dinner.

      Proof on Main @ 702 West Main St., Louisville, KY 502 - 217 - 6360.

      1. We had great hot browns at The Brown Hotel, though this obviously wouldn't work for your veggie man :) We made the mistake of having dinner at The Maker's Mark Lounge. The front of house staff was good but the food was terrible. They do have a good selection of bourbon but I wouldn't eat anything there.

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          Bourbons Bistro is awesome if you want the bourbon experience--and the food is stellar!

        2. You've got a lot of good recommendations already. Other options include 732 Social, Mayan Cafe, and The Blind Pig. The Louisville Beer Store is a block or two from both 732 Social and The Mayan Cafe and focuses on craft beer.

          If you want to try the hot brown without committing to a full dinner at the Brown's English Grill I would recommend stopping by the lobby bar at the Brown hotel and order the hot brown. Just check the hours of kitchen service for the bar. They also have other great options on the bar menu and a great bourbon list.

          For fine dining I would suggest you look into Corbett's. It is probably 15-20 minutes from downtown up I-71 but well worth the drive.

          1. Thanks everbody for your help!
            I am going to make a reservation at 610 for the wedding night dinner, have a reservation at the Mayan Cafe for one of their farm-centric dinners and one at Lilly's.
            We'll be sure to check out those breweries and stop by Proof.
            Any suggestions for smaller, cheaper spots to stop for lunch? I am excited for BBQ, but as my husband-to-be doesn't eat meat, I can't subject him to watching me eat chicken all week!

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              Pesto's and Saffron's offer an good inexpensive lunch downtown.
              I've never been to Hillbilly Tea but it sounds like it could be a promising option.


              If you don't mind getting out of downtown a good vegetarian option is Zen Garden. Basa and Bourbon's Bistro are within a block from it and very good but not specifically vegetarian.


              Zen Garden
              2240 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

              Bourbon's Bistro
              2255 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

              Basa Restaurant
              2244 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206