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Jun 30, 2010 10:39 AM

Tu Tu Tun - how is it now?

This is the second post I've made in the past few months. I've had no response to my previous post, so I'm hoping...

We have been to the Tu Tu Tun Lodge in Gold Beach several times over the years and it has been one of our favorites. It changed hands for the very first time about a year ago. We are thinking about going back up there this September, but have heard absolutely nothing about the place for many months. Is is as good as ever? Is it better in some way? Has is gone downhill...we pray not? If anyone knows anything, a reply would be appreciated.

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  1. Please reply back when you hear something. I have always wanted to visit Tu Tu Tun Lodge. Was it awesome. I wanted to fly to Portland and drive down the coast to Gold Beach then hit the IS back to Portland for a few days stopping at Cannon Beach and a few others.

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      Josephnl - this is not helping at all, but I have lots of fond memories of Tu Tu Tun. We've stayed there twice and I didn't know it had changed hands. Granted, it's been about 10 years since we've been there (we live on east coast and it's a little out of the way). I have fond memories of the owners (Kirk and Laurie?) and remember them saying they planned to pass the inn to their son. I'm sorry to hear it's changed hands and hope it continues to be a special place.

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        It did not pass to their son, but to someone who had apparently worked there in the past. Kirk and Laurie sent out a mailing saying wonderful things about the new owners, but that may have been required as part of the sales agreement. Still awaiting feedback from recent guests.

    2. Try Quite a few recent reviews there.

      1. We were there last summer and posted on Trip Advisor. The lodge is still well run. The staff is wonderful, remembers your name, and is incredibly helpful. They take care of everything from meals to river trips. The wine list is incredible. Available by the glass are many wonderful wines. The food is still served family style and you are assigned a table. Both nights we sat with nice groups and enjoyed the conversation. If you are not up for a group, they are happy to serve you in your room. The food is good and plentiful. During the cocktail hour there are several appetizers to enjoy. Then soup, salad, entree, several sides, and dessert. If you don't care for the main entree, they happily prepare you something else. It is what I would call...very nice home cooking.