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Jun 30, 2010 10:14 AM

Have you heard of persons inviting people to their home for a gourmet meal with a charge? [moved from Miami - Ft Lauderdale board]

I heard on the radio that some people are making gourmet meals in their homes. Inviting friends and charging them. The premise is that why go to a restaurant with strangers when someone you know can make a great meal and charge less. Anyone out there doing it or heard how it works?

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  1. Broward New Times' Clean Plate Charlie did a couple pieces on this last month ->

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      I would actually guess that either Charlie who you heard on the radio, since he was just on Paul and Ron talking about this.

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        I've experienced this in Costa Rica about 7 years ago. An American couple on a tight budget would invite people once a week to have a full meal in their home. The couple were fairly well known for doing this.

        I've seen this subject crop up a few times. Here's some articles touching on the subject. There's a book on it too.
        I've also heard of people getting together in kitchens to cook off a bunch of food to share so they can stock their freezers for the month. They rotate the kitchens and make a party out of it. I've thought of doing that myself.

    2. There's a restaurant in Coral Gables, Charlotte Bistro, who's owner worked in some of the best restaurants in Lyon. She's not doing it now, but she received much acclaim in Venezuela for her restaurant in her house "Cantalamesa" She may have ideas to do something similar in the near future.

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        I've been to Charlotte Bistro and it was good but no salt on the food. I don't particularly need a lot of salt but when there's none the flavors don't come out as well.

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          I'm not charging any of my friends to come over and eat....Afterall...I invited them....but if they'd like to bring a very nice bottle of wine.....Some new and interesting beer.....Some old and interesting beer.....They're hihgly encouraged to do so....and contribute to the overall experience.....:)


      2. The concept sounds like the paladares in Cuba. Might be worthwhile for a good ropa vieja or braised lamb shank.

        1. Seems kind of tacky to me. It's generally proper etiquette to bring desert or a bottle of wine. Though I could never imagine inviting friends over for dinner and charging them.

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            Ooohh. I missed the word "friends" and only noticed "persons" as in customers. +1 on tacky.

          2. Here's 122 posts on a related subject. YOU figure out what the consensus was :)