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Jun 30, 2010 09:14 AM

Food and wine stores on way to the Hamptons

We are going to the Hamptons for the first time this weekend. We live in San Francisco and have never been to the area. I am looking for wine store and marketing options as we would like to stock up before we get to the house. Looking for quality, local ingredients for food and tasty rose wines. no need for fancy or glamourous stores. My husband especially would like to source excellent seafood. Any ideas? We are coming in from Teterboro and are staying in Bridgehampton. Anywhere along the way will work. Thank you!

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  1. There is a Fairway market in Plainview, Long Island, not too far off of the LIE (Rt 495) that should take care of your shopping needs, including the seafood:

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      I second Fairway; selection is huge, prices are low, they're very close to the LI expressway Manetto Hill Rd. exit, so no long sidetrip. If local ingredients is your highest priority, they may not be for you; I'd stock up on staples there, though, for selection and price, and buy from farm stands and fishing docks out east.Bring or buy insulated/thermal bags there and have a great vacation!

    2. Citerella's of course. This is true Hamptons Quality! Ask anyone....

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        That is the only place I shopped last year & I totally recommend. (For Main Liners: think somewhere between Carlino's & Food Source.) Though I don't think they had wine - ? I'll need some of everything this year, so I'll be checking back to this thread! Also, will need recommendations for anything worth pursuing farther out on the island if anyone has anything delightful to mention.

      2. Try Michael's Wines near the center of Riverhead, on Main Street. Large selection.

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          Michaels is great, but a bit out of the way unless you're spending some time in Riverhead. Popes in Medford off exit 64 has a bigger selection and I believe free delivery to the Hamptons over $100. Although you'd probably want to browse in person first, it's an amazing store.

          If you're looking for good seafood at decent prices, I always recommend Mastic Seafood in Mastic, on Mastic Road. If price isn't a consideration, then pick up your seafood when you get to the Hamptons: Brewsters in Hampton Bays or Schmidts in Southamton would be my choices. Schmidts also has everything else you might need foodwise, I go out of my way to get the proscuitto and their produce is outstanding. Both are only minutes off the main road, and with the traffic this time of year, that is a consideration.