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Jun 30, 2010 09:02 AM

le timbre

What are thoughts on le timbre? Last time we were in paris, a couple we met in our hotel was absolutely raving about it, but it doesnt get much on the board. Is it worth a trip?

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  1. Not that we're bellwethers but Colette and I just stopped going years ago. Why? Nothing wrong with it except jammed tables, largely Anglo clientele (self-hater that I am), bad acoustics: food was always good. Hummmm.

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      Went there in March w/ a friend of was good to excellent and i liked the few but rustic wine choices...

      The main problem is that the tables are so jammed it's truly unpleasant (and this coming from a New Yorker!)...(all conversation becomes a joke because the next table is an unvoluntary participant/listener)...there is not even room to put a coat or a purse...getting up from the inside of the banquet requires that you disturb the entire banquet/restaurant...

      A secondary problem is that the waitress is rude (demanding to know dessert/coffee orders before we'd even finished main course, generally cold and snarly)...when a restaurant is this cramped, the least they can do is smile and put on a happy "we're all in this together, so let's have fun" act...the waitress and chef here do the opposite...

      Food was yummy but i'll prob never return unless i knew the place was going to be empty that night...

      1. re: Simon

        That's easy. Just call with different voices and names, reserving the whole restaurant bit by bit. Most of you won't show up.