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Jun 30, 2010 08:50 AM

Need a special cake in Norwalk, CT area

My mother's 70th birthday is in a couple weeks, and I need to order a cake that will feed about 25-30 people and be absolutely delicious. It does not need to look particularly fancy, but it must taste great. I'm thinking traditional flour-based cake, vanilla or some other light flavor, not cheese cake or carrot cake, etc. I also definitely want butter cream frosting and not whipped cream or any other topping.

What do people think of the cakes from SoNo bakery? Does anyone have any experience with The Cake Boutique in Wilton? I notice on their website that they offer an almond option which would be great. Almond is one of my mother's favorite flavors. She also loves raspberries, apricots, coconut, and chocolate. However, I do not want to get an all chocolate cake. One layer of chocolate and a non-chocolate layer would be fine.

I am willing to drive up to half an hour to get the best cake that I can.


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  1. SONO bake shoppe makes great cakes and it is hard to go wrong there. Other places to consider given the size (25-30) is Good Goods in Darien. The baker there is second to none (for a larger cake jfood prefers them). Both of these are both beautiful and tasty.

    Second tier and more "normal" bakeries would be in Stamford, Beldotti's on New field and Di Mare off Hope street. Both of these bakeries are more neighborhoody versus custom, but both can do larger cakes to order.

    1. Everything I've tried from SONO Bakery has been excellent. He (John, the owner) does quite a lot of things with almonds and almond paste. Might be best to talk to him as to the cake you are looking for.

      1. I'd go to Great Cakes in Westport. try the vanilla cupcake there and then have them do a layer cake of the same batter and frosting. Or the chocolate, which is what I just did for my wedding cake and was thrilled. Very very reasonable pricing- I haven't compared to the other recommendations, but GC will be hard to beat. They can do different numbers of layers, different sizes. You won't regret it!

        1. I also recommend SoNo bakery - ordered 40th birthday cake for my husband and it was delicious.

          If you are willing to drive up to the Milford area, Julia's bakery in Orange makes outstanding cakes. Their bungalow cake is their signature cake and it's very delicious - vanilla and chocolate cake with fresh bananas and strawberries plus whipped cream. Yum!

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            I DISAGREE HEARTILY REGARDING JULIA'S. Low on taste, and I ordered a few custom cakes that were never exactly as ordered. Also, I once ordered a chocolate cake with ganache and they FROSTED IT WITH CHEESY PINK ICING!! They are clueless. Also, their pastries lack flavor.

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              Hmm my first response disappeared into the internet black hole. Here's attempt #2 ..

              Sorry to hear you didn't have such a positive experience. I've only eaten their cakes so can't comment on anything else but the cakes I've had have always been very good, esp the bungalow cake. What I like is the fact that they don't make their cakes overly sweet - too many bakeries add way to much sugar and you end up with a sugar bomb mess of a cake. A lot of my friends and co-workers also like the cakes from Julia's with the bungalow cake being the favorite.

              As for custom cakes, I make sure to specify the color of frosting, icing, amount of piping etc - and have never had a problem. You said previous custom cakes were not exactly what you wanted - was it because they made a honest mistake? Or did you assumed they would do/not do something and the opposite happened? I always take the position that for custom orders, it's better to give TOO much info. After all, they can't read minds and I don't want them to presume something just because I forgot to tell them.

          2. I know this thread is old but I found Cake Boutique to be DREADFUL. SoNo Bakery, OK, the breads outshine the desserts and cakes IMO. For a very special cake I love "Lovely Cakes" in Norwalk, the owner is Renata and she works out of her home. She is creative and anything she makes will be both delicious and beautiful. Shes in East Norwalk cant remember exactly where her house is but I def recommend it!

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              Gosh - I completely disagree. I've used The Cake Boutique several times --- my family and I have been nothing but overjoyed by their cakes! I'm actually planning another party soon and plan on using them again. The BEST tasting cakes around and SUPER friendly to work with.