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Melbourne FL. Chart House Review

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Chart House
2250 Front Street, Melbourne, FL 32901

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  1. Can we get some more words?

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    1. re: OneSonTwoCats

      Had some trouble with my first review. Sorry.

      The space is nice the veiw spectacular. The food too expensive, poorly prepared, and bland.

      1. re: wilwrk4fd

        Thanks. I'm heading to Melbourne from Maryland and was looking for a current review. Your's pretty much mimics others I have read. Guess we'll take a pass on them.

        1. re: OneSonTwoCats

          There is a terrific place, on US 1, on the Indian River that has really good food and a fantasic view. It's just north of the Pineita CSWY. I think it is called River Rocks and I just love the place! You should try it when you are there.

          1. re: sunsuze

            River Rocks is really two restaurants, with two different menus. The inside is for serious eating, while the outside deck offers more casual fare, including a great version of fried shrimp.


            1. re: cavandre

              Thanks to both of you. River Rocks is one of the places I have on my list. I think I prefer the outdoor "Docks" menu.

              1. re: OneSonTwoCats

                In general all Chart House Restaurants are fairly mundane. The chain is now owned by Landry's Restaurants Inc. I have not had a memorable dinner at any Chart House in many years. Before the sale to Landry's, the Portland Oregon location was very good. The Longboat Key unit is below what I would call a good dinner house.

                Chart House
                2250 Front Street, Melbourne, FL 32901