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Jun 30, 2010 08:04 AM

Where to buy beef ribs in TO

I am tired of doing the same old pork ribs on the BBQ this summer. I wanted to try beef ribs instead, however when I went to Loblaw's they were no where to be found.... Any suggestions on where I may be able to purchase these?

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  1. You can get beef ribs at The Butcher Shoppe on Shorncliffe. They have them pre-cut into short ribs or you can buy bulk and they will cut them to your preferred size. In my opinion, it is good quality meat and good prices. For $50 I got enough for three meals for three people each meal. They only take cash and I'd check their webiste for hours to be safe.

    Butcher Shoppe
    121 Shorncliffe Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

    1. Nortown butcher has them, both marinated and not. I also buy them at Longo's.

      1. I just bought some today at Nortown. They will cut them as you want them. I wanted a full rack, membrane removed for a recipe I found. Easy request. Cost $20 for the full rack.

        1. In the Food Basics flyer sent to my home (Don Mills and Wynford Drive) there are beef ribs advertised for $2.99 lb. (til July 1st)

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              Also Price Chopper has beef ribs on for $2.00 lb. from July 2 to July 8

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                Yeah, that's my Canada Day smokeout ingredient.

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                  The Price Chopper beef ribs in cryovac (Canada product) worked out well on July 1.

          1. Saw them at Metro today, but I bought pork ribs instead. I might just change my mind and head over to Price Chopper on Friday........