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Jun 30, 2010 08:01 AM

Apiary or I Trulli

I know this is a strange question because these are two completely different restaurants, but if you had to choose between Apiary and I Trulli, which would it be?

Am more interested in food than ambience, etc. Have wanted to try the fried rabbit at I Trulli but notice that Apiary has a rabbit dish as well.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

I Trulli
122 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

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  1. I'm a big ITrulli fan, eaten there several times, highly recommend it.

    However, I no longer live in NYC and have not been to Apiary so I cannot compare the two.

    That said - get to ITrulli when you can. You will enjoy it.

    1. We have been to both, but I have not tried the rabbit dishes at either. That said, I would choose Apiary because Scott Bryan is a superb chef (previously at Veritas), and his food far surpasses what is served at I Trulli insofar as main courses are concered. While I Trulli's pastas are excellent, the main courses we had there were disappointing. I do love their garden.

      Apiary photos here:

      I Trulli photos here:

      P.S. I have read positive reports about the rabbit pappardelle at Apiary. Also, you probably know that if you go on a Monday, it's BYO with no corkage.

      1. I go to Apiary on a monthly basis and i've never had a bad meal there. Only downside is it can get a bit loud at times, but it satiates all types of diners - unadventurous eaters, foodies, oenophiles, etc.

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          Thanks everyone. Went to Apiary. It was really good. Had an interesting asparagus app in a cheese sauce. Grilled octopus app was cooked perfectly. The Rabbit pappardelle and roasted chicken mains were delicious. And the orzo with cheese side was addictive.