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Jun 30, 2010 07:09 AM

Clover Food Truck in Cambridge? Where is it and has anyone tried their popovers?

Hey all. Where is the Clover Food Truck in Cambridge? I think it's near MIT but what street is it on? Also, if anyone has gone there, have you tried the popovers? I love popovers and want to go and try them if they are good!

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  1. It's on Carleton St. Starting at the inbound entrance to the Kendall T, walk away from Main St., towards the Charles River, the truck is about half a block down on your left. The popovers are fantastic.

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    1. re: bella_sarda

      Are the popovers only available during certain times?

      1. re: y2000k

        Only during the morning at their breakfast hours.

    2. Love them popovers! They're vegan, I believe, no tallow.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        That would be neat if true! It's kind of hard for me to imagine making popovers without eggs, though. (They don't strike me as "odd", in the way that I'd imagine some radically re-chemistrified version of popovers would be....) Quite likely to be vegetarian, though.

        Their popovers are great if you happen to wander by when they're fresh, especially on a nice cold morning! They're otherwise reheated-- still ok, but not quite as thrilling. I find that they really hit the spot more in the winter, especially. (Now if they could just get the coffee to go with them right...)