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Jun 30, 2010 07:02 AM

Any decent pizza in the wall street area?

Really seeking a decent slice around here. Thanks!!

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    1. Kind of a normal slice joint-y type place, but back when I worked on Exchange Pl, I went to Underground Pizza. They're not the best Pizza in NY, but they are more than a decent slice, esp. when you invest in Chicken slice or a grandmama. Considering the generally low-quality/high-price down there, it's refreshingly above-average, if you catch my drift.

      Underground Pizza
      3 Hanover Sq, New York, NY 10004

      Underground Pizza
      3 Hanover Sq Frnt 3, New York, NY 10004

      1. The most straightforward answer to the question you ask above is: NO.
        While most point to Adrienne's Pizza Bar as the best the FiDi has to offer, Adrienne's pies are really undistinguished by any standards. Crust, sauce, cheese, all unspectacular.
        As for slice joints, I can't recommend one over the many others.

        Adrienne's Pizza Bar
        54 Stone St, New York, NY 10004