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Jun 30, 2010 07:02 AM

Uchenna Ethiopian restaurant

Wow! that is all I can say. This is the only Ethiopian restaurant in all of Colorado springs.
I am glade we waited all these years. We ate in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington but never tasted such a wonderful Ethiopian food. You know what, don't take my words, go check the place. The gazette was absolutely right, the best ever. They welcome you with respect and kind manners, these two qualities you do not see in any restaurant.
Thank you for opening and for your service.

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  1. Their food is great, but the service was sketchy. Hope things have gotten smoother.

    1. This Is by far some of the Best food I have ever tasted
      The Owner is Wonderful She makes you feel so at Home
      It takes a little extra time because your meal is Cooked fresh after you order it
      So Well Worth the wait !!!