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Jun 30, 2010 06:33 AM

Juice Bars in the Boston Area?

Hi all, I've been on a juice kick lately and was wondering if anyone knew of a juice bar in the Boston area? Thanks!

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  1. Not really juice bars per se, but The Other Side (Newbury past Mass Ave), Trident Booksellers Cafe (Newbury St.), and Clear Conscience Cafe at Harvest Coop (Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge) all make fresh fruit and vegetable juices, although the offerings are somewhat limited compared to what you'd find at a full-on juice bar.

    Other Side Cafe
    407 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

    1. This isn't really helpful for the moment, but I believe a juice bar/health food place is going to open up in Central Square in Cambridge in the old Hollywood Express space in August/September. I'm blanking on the name at the moment, unfortunately.

      I'm personally a big fan of the juice cart inside Harvard Square Station. Their selection isn't as broad as it used to be, but they're really friendly there and the juice is great.

      1. i like the brazilian juice bar at muqueca in inman square. there is also an asian juice bar (aptly named "the juice bar") on harrison ave in chinatown

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          Most Brazilian bakeries and many restaurants stock frozen fruit pulp to make "vitaminas" and "sucos naturais," as well as fresh orange and usually avocado. Some ones I like is orange and "acerola" (laranja com acerola) and a vitamina de abacate (blended milk, avocado, and juice). Usually plenty of sugar will be added and unless you specify milk it will be blended with ice, but you can ask for less or w/o (pouco acucar or sem acucar). There are some specialized ones including ones which focus on Acai: there is one on Medford St in Somerville and Tropical Cafe in Marlboro does more than most restaurants cafes. Muqueca used to have some weird combinations and when they started doing juice they weren't very Brazilian at all and more health-food bar type flavors, but they have gotten more normal over time.

          1010 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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            Do you know anything about the Acai bar on Medford Street? Drive by all the time but have been too shy to go in. My Portuguese is worse than my Greek!

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              I haven't been there because when I went past, it was by bus and would have been a big time commitment. Its just juices, acai, and some salgadinhos. But what they would offer that for instance the Pastelaria doesn't is "acai na tigela" basically an energy breakfast with granola. If you said "acai bowl" they would know exactly what you mean and no fluent Portuguese needed. I am more of the fried salgadinho + avocado shake + cheese roll energy breakfast, which Petsiscos further down Medford street can cover, but the Acai bar is unique in Somerville so worth a stop.

              1. re: itaunas

                My friend brought over a few smoothies from here recently but somehow got overwhelmed and skipped the açai. We weren't impressed—the avocado was notably bland. But they seem like nice people... but they also seem totally doomed in that location....

                1. re: djd

                  Thanks for the feedback. That is a tough location, even the Brazilian film store had trouble and there is a Portuguese convenience store which at least early on was struggling. The funny thing is the lunch counter in a convenience store closer to the school and parish seems to do pretty well, I have always wanted to drop in for breakfast out of pure curiosity. And the Brazilian party decoration store is doing ok.

                  An avocado vitamina (de abacate) is pretty simple and I like it that way, you could ask for a bit of "guarana em po" but that is about it. Next time you are at a Brazilian bakery, see if they make fresh orange juice and ask for a "suco de laranga com acerola" (a small tart red fruit). If they speak enough English, tell them how sweet you want it or just ask for it w/o sugar then add some (they will think you are dieting and offer you sweetener) or you'll get it cough syrup sweet. With the acai I was suggesting 'acai na tigela' which is a granola health food thing also called "acai cup" if you want something easier to pronounce.

        2. I got a chuckle out of this. Having spent the 90s living in Albany - the term "juice bar" has a completely different meaning than the one I think you're asking for :)

          1. I actually like the juice bar that is on Harrison Ave in Chinatown (is this the juice bar that used to be in the Chinatown eatery?). Plenty of varieties of fruit, plus you can get boba to boot if you want. Lacking on the vegetable end of things though.

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            1. re: kobuta

              Yes, I like Juice Bar in Chinatown as well. I haven't been to the juice cart in the Harvard Square T-station for a while (to be clear, you don't need to pay the T to get there, just enter through the main entrance across from the Harvard Coop) but always enjoyed the juice and conversation when I've visited in the past. Sofra Bakery in Cambridge always has interesting fresh juices (sharbats), which change frequently. As of yesterday one was nectarine and pear and the other was white peach and mastic (go for the nectarine!). There is of course, always Jamba Juice. Apparently there's also Sanskirt Juice, a local variant near JFK/Umass.

              1 Belmont St, Cambridge, MA 02138

              1. re: kobuta

                What is the name of the juice bar on Harrison Ave. in Chinatown?