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Jun 30, 2010 05:43 AM

New Bar-b-que restaurant - Hartsdale

Noticed a sign for a new bbq place on Central Ave. in Hartsdale, where the Parisienne bakery used to be....does anyone have any info on this soon to be new addition to the bbq scene in Westchester?

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  1. A good question--that sign has been up there for a few months along with those covered windows. It would be nice if the owners would throw out a few clues about what and when; that is, if they're planning on opening. I've also been wondering if the old Brazilian BBQ place on Central is being torn down or simply refurbished for the new diner.

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    1. re: Maryld

      The Brazilian place is becoming a diner??? Any news on when or who will run it?

      And yes, that BBQ sign has been up for a while with no signs of movement. I gave up on that a while ago.

      1. re: iluvcookies

        I heard that the diner will be run by the El Dorado East/West folks.

    2. UPDATE>>>>>
      passed this place yesterday on the way to a friend's and the paper sign has been replaced by a real sign that says "Prime Bar-B-Que".

      No other info though.

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      1. re: iluvcookies

        I guess that's progress. I wonder what the chances are that it will open by the end of the summer?

        1. re: Maryld

          I drove by today and it seems to be open.

          1. re: softgentleraine

            Yes, drove by and there is a big "grand opening" sign out. I may be mistaken, but it looks like a take out place.

            1. re: Maryld

              Another "Ribs on the Run" type place?

              1. re: iluvcookies

                Could be. There was a soft drink fridge that was cleary visible in the front, so, I'm assuming that they're expecting a lot of take-out. Maybe there are some tables in the back??

                1. re: Maryld

                  It looked as if they have some tables.

                  1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                    from the scarsdale website:

                    If you thought you couldn’t get good barbeque north of Texas, you’re in for a surprise. The former owners of the Barbeque Rib House in Mt. Vernon have moved north and are now located at 10 North Central Avenue in the space previously occupied by the Japanese bakery. Don’t be fooled by the lack of décor at the Prime Bar-B-Que Grill – these folks know what it takes to make good barbeque. The storefront includes a counter and several tables. With no waiters, you simply order and eat-in or take out.

                    Though the surroundings are barebones, the chef has the recipe for piquant and juicy chicken, ribs and wings. We tried the barbequed chicken and cornbread, and the chicken was moist, succulent and fell off the bone. The corn bread also tasted freshly baked and was so sweet it could have been served dessert. A friend tried the ribs and raved about those too. All dinners include fries or baked potato, coleslaw and cornbread and the prices are extremely reasonable. The chicken special that includes 12 pieces of chicken, with fries and coleslaw is only $19.95, while a dinner for two, including a full rack of St. Louis cut ribs with fries and coleslaw is $26.95.

                    1. re: raider

                      Sound good. Did anyone ever eat at the Barbeque Rib House in Mt. Vernon?

                      1. re: Maryld

                        WE order from there all the time. The BBQ chicken and ribs are good. For the chicken it is still good if you take off the skin. The new owners in Mt. Vernon have added salads and vegetables to the menu.

                2. re: iluvcookies

                  I took a menu from the new place but didn't order anything. The menu is almost exactly the same as ribs on the run. Maybe an ex-employee is running it.

                3. re: Maryld

                  There were no tables when I walked by the other day but maybe they have some by now. I took a menu and it was disappointing - nothing skinless, nothing for people who are concerned about eating healthy.
                  My bet is that it's not going to last unless they fine tune their menu.

                  1. re: softgentleraine

                    It's not health food, it's barbeque. You want to eat healthy, eat a salad. Or salmon. Or granola. Really...

                    1. re: foodlad

                      Exactly--it is barbecue, not tofu. There are plenty of healthy choices out there. I think they will do just fine if the food is good.

                      1. re: foodlad

                        LOL . When is the vegan BBQ place going to open?

                        1. re: softgentleraine

                          Healthy BBQ? That's why there are no good BBQ north of the Mason-Dixon. Real pit masters would never put up with such nonsense.

                          1. re: pabboy

                            I've had really good skinless barbecue chicken, there's nothing wrong with that!

                4. Hard to imagine a bbq restaurant is that spot. Not much room for a smoker.