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Jun 30, 2010 05:42 AM

Chicken Sulfur like smell

I know that a bit of a sulfur smell seems to be normal but last night I opened up a pack of chicken breast I bought from a local producer from the farmer's market and it was more than just a bit of a sulfur smell. Is this normal? The strength of the smell did disipate somewhat after a few minutes but it was still quite strong. The chicken was pre packaged in a vacuum packed plastic with a best beofre date of July 3rd. The chicken itself seemed fine (it wasn't slimy and it didn't have any of those white creamy lines forming when it starts to go bad). I went ahead and marinaded the chicken. Should I be concerned?

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  1. Oooppss, maybe my subject line was messy...."Chicken smells like sulfur"

    1. I never fool around with anything iffy when it comes to chicken. Take it back.

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      1. Take it back/ throw it out; do not eat it. Javex everything in sight.

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          I'm going to speak to the vendor today so much for "naturally raised" chickens. I find though that a lot of meat in the pre sealed plastic has that smell (pork included), but this was much more pungent. Is it at all normal having a bit of that smell?

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            Maybe they put some kind of gas in the bag to help retain freshness or something?

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              They're called "confinement odors". LOL! See "Odor Scavenging Systems" at:

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              That odor is why I don't like buying cryovac'd meats - besides the fact that the odor is most foul, if the meat were to actually be bad and carry its own odor, the cryovac odor could mask it.

              "Usually", when having no other choice (ribs, brisket), I'll have the meat guy open it, rinse it and let me take a whiff before purchasing. I've learned that shopping step after having to return a couple of pkgs of ribs.

              Of course, you could always find a butcher shop/farm in your area to purchase fresh meats right off the carcass..... at a much higher $$$$

          2. Yeech! How much did that chicken sulphur?

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              I didn't risk it and just tossed it. Even after I had marinated the chicken the smell was still there. I tried to get a refund this past weekend but of course I had thrown out the receipt and the packaging. It's from a certified organic farm to top it off, ah well there are a bunch of other vendors that sell locally raised animals where I shop (Jean Talon Market in Montreal). Unfortunately the majority use the plastic to seal the meat.