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Jun 30, 2010 05:05 AM

Review of Goody Cole's BBQ Brentwood NH

Went to Goody Cole's for the first time the other day. I will preface this by saying that we moved here from Texas, so we are quite familiar with Texas BBQ. We got two combo plates and sampled the pork ribs, brisket, kielbasa, and pulled pork. Sides were cajun corn, jambalaya, sweet potato, cornbread, and baked beans.

The pork ribs were good. Cooked well. They were mild in flavor, but had just enough that they were not bland. Could have had some more fat, but still tender. But if you like very flavorful rubs or sweet and sticky ribs, you will be disappointed. Like Texas BBQ, the ribs came out dry with no sauce on them. Kielbasa was okay.

Unfortunately, the brisket and pulled pork were tasteless. Don't think salt would have helped. I also did not like the BBQ sauce, so I couldn't even slather that on. Did not like the brisket at all. Pulled pork was tender and edible, but did not have a good greasy sheen. The smokey taste was there, just nothing else.

Sides were good. Jambalaya was spicy. Cornbread was excellent.

I have certainly had worse BBQ in Texas, but those places don't last very long. I would say the pork ribs were comparable to some of the better Texas BBQs, but the rest of the meats were not on par. The best Texas BBQs served their meats on butcher paper and the grease would just drip though the paper. While the brisket and pulled pork were tender, they just did not have the proper fat content in them. Perhaps that contributed to the lack of taste.

Overall, I would return for the pork ribs, sides, and cornbread.

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  1. I went a few weeks back and had a similar experience with the ribs and brisket. The ribs were ok and the brisket was tasteless. I haven't had good brisket @ a bbq place around here. The best thing I can say about Goodys' is that they actually smoke their ribs, not sure about the brisket since there was no evidence of it.

    We used to go to KC's, but they got worse and worse each time we went and the last time I became convinced they stopped using their smoker completely. At that point I just bought my own smoker and ordered a bunch of pecan so I could do ribs and brisket myself.

    1. I've eaten at Goody Cole's once when they were in Exeter and twice in their current location. I always wanted to like the place (they've gotten good reviews elsewhere), but I've never really thought it was that good. The owner is really nice, but it's just dry, relatively bland food.

      1. I'm not from Texas, but have been visiting family there for over 20 years and for the last few years, spend my winters there. One of my hobbies is visiting bbq restaurants...when I'm there..

        I have to say when I ate at Goody's a few days ago, I tried the ribs and they REVILED some of the BBQ joints in the Houston - Austin - San Antonio area that I have tried.

        Yea - they were not as great as the best BBQ joints in Tx I've tried, but one thing I liked about them is that the smokey flavor didn't overwhelm the flavor of the pork!! They were soooo tender, the meat literally fell off the bone!

        If you like really smoky flavor, then you may be disappointed, but if you just want mildly smoked, tender pork flavored ribs, this is the place (in New England).

        My boyfriend actually ordered the ribs and he had to fight me for them... Ha Ha - I ordered the pulled pork sandwich because I have been craving some good pork butt meat, and just like elcrnc said - dry!!!, Give me a piece of butcher paper with pulled pork glistening w/ fat on it and I'm happy, but they need to take that dry pork butt and dump it....Sauce (I mixed the sweet & med together & that worked for me) was the only reason it wasn't thrown away...

        But - That's why they don't slather sauce on BBQ in Texas, cause if you need the sauce to make it taste good - then it ain't no good!

        The Potato salad was very good, because I don't like a lot of vinegar in mine (vinegar is used by lots of places to make it last longer), the Mac & Cheese was good, real cheeese, not that velvetta stuff. Corn bread was awesome!!

        I haven't tried Goodie's because I save all my bbq cravings for my winter stays in TX, but my boyfriend wanted to try and I can't wait to go back for some more RIBS!!! SOON!!

        Goody Cole's Smokehouse II
        374 Route 125, Brentwood, NH 03833