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El Oaxaqueno 3 Restaurante Long Branch NJ

El Oaxaqueno 3 Restaurante Long Branch NJ .....We had a chance to try El Oaxaqueno and let me tell you it was wonderful. We had the "BIG" Pork Sandwich and amply named,..soooooo goood!!.....shredded Spanish style pork with just the right heat and spices on a huge seeded roll with avacado, pico de gaillo and Mexican cold slaw OMG!! This place was packed with customers & now I can see why, Their extensive menu will take more then a few times to.

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  1. What is the address, I work in the neighborhood and could go for lunch.

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        No, well I sort of work in the area....

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        On Memorial Parkway & Garfied Ave ...long branch NJ....just off Broadway

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          We stopped in again for lunch today...had the Big CUBAN sandwich "Mexican Style" OMG!!! and some Gorditas (deep fried corn cake pockets stuffed with cheese & pork,.....place was packed with Latino customers a few told me this was as close as it gets to authentic food served in little towns in Mexico. Can't wait to go back for the full dinner plates which look so good.

      3. I had the Big Pork sandwich for lunch on Friday, and it was excellent, as advertised. I'd been there before and had tacos which were equally delightful. Definitely a find. It wasn't busy at 12:30 on Friday. I was the only Anglo in the place

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          OGguy Glad you enjoyed yourself...so manythings on the menue to keep trying fopr sure....they serve grenn salasa but ask for the the red salsa also spicer but real good flavors. ....being the only Anglo is a good thing lol.....it means they are the real deal & pleasingthe hometown crowds for their country.. and their food shows it....I gotta try that hugh SHRIMP COCKTAIL next !

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            How do they compare to Acapulquenos? That has been a favorite for a while...

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              Mark honestly I have never been to Acapulquenos to make a comparison....
              but tell me more about it please.

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                Picture North of the Border with table service.

                Menu: http://www.exit109.com/~mstevens/Take...

                North of the Border
                176 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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                We had dinner at Alcapuquenos last night .....a bit more upscale the
                El Oaxaquenos...more like a restaurant with table clothes vs a Latin diner but that as far as it goes.....IMO El Oaxaqueno is more authentic Mexican cuisine.

                We ordered tacos al pastor ..Seasoned Pork & Pineapple...these were very good, portions were big too 3 to an order. The wife had a Carita Burrito which was excellent fried pork with 3 kinds of grilled roasted peppers creamy and delicious. Their Red salsa is a bit watery and tasteless....although we enjoyed the Salsa Verde much more....the home made "Jamaica" drink was nice also. I also took a Torte Cubanas to go with us Cuban Sandwich very disappointing it had grilled "Hot Dogs" !!!,fried Pork Cutlet, lettuce, Tomato Avocado!!! .not very Cuban lol.....but honestly compared to El Oaxaqueno's menue and there is no comparison for Authentic Mexican food.,

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                    Yes Mark grilled sliced lengthwise hot dogs ...I was amazed !!! lol
                    it also had a breaded pork cutlet....I forgot to take a picture...not my idea of a Cubano sandwich......I'm used to the real deal as I worked in Spanish Harlem for many years & I know what a real Grilled Cuban Sandwich con Mohito is eating them for lunch all the time at places like Floridita on Broadway & 135th st. NYC etc, etc, ......but hey, live eat and learn eh?.........Hope you can try the Taqueria Taco Truck on Clover street/ or their Restaurant in Lakewood on Chambersbridge rd somtime also.

                    take care

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                      Just gotta say that lenthwise sliced hot dogs on a torta is most certainly authentic Mexican... have had many tortas in Mexico like you describe. Authentic "Cubano"... no... but authentic Mexican, yes. LOL.

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                        Thats good to know it just threw me for a loop with the hot dogs.......I was always used to having Cuban or Dominican style Cubano sandwiches in Spanish Harlem grilled in a sandwich press (called a plancha) with a Mojito Garlic Sauce brushed on top.

          2. Yep...this is my favorite Mexican joint in Long Branch...good stuff here.

            1. Don't know if folks knew I posted the menu:


              Chowhound cutting off the end of the URL can make it confusing...

              1. Tried El Oaxaqueno last night. Things did not work out well. Went in about 6pm to order take out and the place was completely empty. It was understandable as the entire wall of west facing floor to ceiling windows was heating the place in the setting sun like a greenhouse. It must have been hovering near 100°f in the dining room.

                Figuring something cool would be nice, I ordered a Coctel de Camarone. Waitress shook her head. OK, I got the Queso Fundito Mixto. While I was waiting for the food one table of 3 came in and sat down. After getting and paying for my dinner I stepped out in to the refreshing 90° breeze.

                Getting home I found this dish not to be ideal for doing take out. The cheese had congealed and the meat was dry. There were no salsas included.

                All in all it just seemed bad timing. Hope to get back there sometime when I can try some other dishes in a less oven-like environment.

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                  Hi Mark...yes an inferno this week out there for sure HOT!!......please try again when its cooler and maybe dine in next time.....as I said in my post I only have tried the "BIG" PORK Sandwich & Gorditas so far there which were both excellent... I hope to go back soon. I will also try your recommended place up the road also, Acapulqueno's...
                  and report back too. Hope you give it another shot & try a few different things..

                  Good luck

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                    I've only ever gotten like 3 things there...tacos, rotisserie chicken, and huaraches. Oh, and on a hot day like yesterday...a nice tall glass of horchata. Sorry to hear about your experience Mark. :(

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                      joonjoon.....we also tried a glass out of the Big Glass container on the counter... of horchata at El Oaxaqueno...a very unique taste and very pleasant to the palette, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts (chufas) definitly authentic Mexican. Can't wait to return. I hope you delve into the menu a bit more also.

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                        Here is a picture I took of the "BIG PORK SANDWICH" at El Oaxaqueno restaurant...yummy.

                        1. re: Tapas52

                          Is that the "Torta al Pastor" on their menu?

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                            Hi Mark YES....it is ..Pictured in my post is the Torte Cubana sandwich which is a bit different with fried ham and fried egg w/pork.......Torte al Pastore is just the shredded seasoned Pork Big Sandwich...also, try a small glass of "Horchata" to wash it down :)....enjoy !

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                              I love Cubanas! Do they do the pickle mustard and cheese?

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                                Mark its their own "Mexican version Cubano " a bit different then the originals..I think you'll like it....mine had fried ham & egg, avocado, lettuce , tomato, shredded pork, queso frita, and a small green pepper..and some kind of sauce...all I know it was very good and BIG!!

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                                    Mark looking forward to your review as always ...enjoy

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                                      Finally tried the Cubano last night. It was everything you had said it would be. I don't normally order the tortas in a Mexican place so I really can't compare theirs to anywhere else. It did seem there could have been a bit more seasoning (I missed the pickles and mustard on a traditional Cubano) but a slather of the salsa verde helped. Did not miss the hot dogs... :-)

                                      Will have to try some of the less sandwichy things next time. Looking forward to their tacos, huarachas and Camarones a la Diabla.

                                      One thing I have noted, their telephone skills are fairly non existant. Twice I have tried calling for takeout, and both times I could not even verify that it was a restaurant that I was talking to. Last nigh I tried ordering the Cubano and it went something like

                                      "Could I have a torta cubano?"
                                      "No, Cubano..."
                                      "No, the Torta... Sandwich..."
                                      "Oh Sandwich? Chicken sandwich?"
                                      ... and so on.

                                      I realize in general my Spanish is sketchy, but I've been ordering Mexican takeout by phone for years and have never had a problem before. My current "Food Spanish" is more than passable. All the more confusing when I give up on calling and stop in a few minutes later and the girl behind the counter can speak english with almost no accent...

                                      Oh well, still looking forward to trying the rest of the menu...

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                                        Haha Mark I had the same experience trying to phone in orders there. Best to just show up. :)

                                        1. re: equal_Mark

                                          Mark......we had the same experience dining inside also......using sign language and broken italian/spanish got us thru the meal there... lol...

                                          1. re: Tapas52

                                            Both times I've been to the restaurant I've not had any issues trying to communicate. The first time there the girl working the counter and I had a conversation about the World cup, which was on the TV. Interesting (or not) in that I don't even like soccer... :-)

                    2. Well its Monday & we were back in the LB area on business, so I had to stop in for dinner again at El Oaxaqueno and try some more of their great menu....I ordered the Bistec Ranchero (pictured) it was simply delicious, fresh grilled cactus, pearl onions, jalapeno pepper, avocado, rice beans salad all on one plate!! It was so big I had to take half home, I also got a Taco Pastor (Fried Seasoned Pork) YUMMY....my wife had the Cubano Sandwich which is delicious and Hugh.....I also tried the home made Melon Drink...which tasted like fresh squeezed Cantaloupe over ice it hit the spot on a very hot day....can't wait to go back and try more items down the road......they also serve Mexican Breakfast which looks interesting too....


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                        Tapas - The melon drink was probably an agua fresca. Very refreshing during our recent heat spell.

                        1. re: bgut1

                          bgut1 excactly!! they are so delicious....they also have fresh Lacuardo de Mango , and Mamey Shakes also, YUM!!

                          try it sometime.

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                          Hmmm, I drove by there yesterday about 6pm and couldn't help thinking "Dang it's gotta be hot in there!" It seemed the same type weather as the first time I was there a couple weeks ago when it must have been like 110° in there. Maybe the AC was just on the fritz then?

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                            Mark yes it was very hot inside as it gets a direct afternoon WESTERN SUN...plus they are cooking on grills....take out might be better bet until the weather gets a bit cooler...the guy next to me said in Mexico it's much hotter lol...

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                            So based on these reviews and a desire to finally try out more "authentic" Mexican cuisine, I tried out El Oaxaqueno last night. I had tacos al pastor and my friend had a burrito al pastor. We took it to go because it was extremely hot inside. Therefore, the food suffered from a little bit of steaming, but it was still DELICIOUS, I absolutely love pork "al pastor" style! Though, I was under the impression that it would be served with pineapple, and was a tiny bit disappointed that it wasn't, but that's my mistake. Though, my friend's burrito was supposed to have pineapple & pork according to the menu, and he said there wasn't any in his. Didn't stop him from polishing the whole burrito in one sitting though.

                            I look forward to trying the torta de cubana and torta al pastor when I go back, I just don't know which one to try first! I'd like to eventually try some dinner plates, but aside from fajitas, I'm not very familiar with the dishes. What exactly is "ranchero"? I worked at a Tex Mex restaurant once that had it on the menu, but it was nowhere close to what I imagine steak ranchero actually is (it was drizzled with ranch dressing!). And I'm not sure what "Mexican style" chicken, or pork, or steak means. I'm intrigued by grilled cactus, I've heard of it before but didn't expect it to look like what's in Tapas52's picture.

                            Thanks for the recommendation chowhounds!

                            1. re: nanobabes

                              I hate when my Al Pastor comes without pineapple too - El Rancho which is by the train station, does theirs with pineapple. Give it a try next time!

                              El Rancho
                              98 Remsen Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

                                1. re: joonjoon

                                  I tried El Rancho out today after I dropped my friend off at the train station. The inside is much cozier and cuter than El Oaxaqueno, and I was delighted with pineapples in my tacos al pastor. I think I'm going to stick with El Oaxaqueno for al pastor though. El Rancho's was fine, but it was a little drier than Oaxaqueno's, I think it was a less tender cut of pork or something. And the flavor of Oaxaqueno's al pastor just packs more punch, IMO. I could not stop licking my lips, and when I was done with mine, I kissed my boyfriend who ordered the same thing, that's how tasty it was!

                                  El Rancho
                                  98 Remsen Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

                            2. Figures. I'll be in the neighborhood this evening and the dining room will no doubt be blazing hot again. Maybe this winter things will cool down. :-(

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                                Don't feel bad mark....Monday night we were in LB on Business 5pm all the power went out in 90% of Monmouth county not only couldn't we eat there......... were no traffic lights anywhere and traffic was clogged all over!!! So we wasted time and were able to get an outside table at Scalas Pizza on Brighton ave the gas ovens were working. lol..they were serving in the dark great margarita pie YUM!!.....then we walked down the street for semi melted hard ice cream on the corner and waited for the traffic to die down and take all back streets south to get home ....what a mess. :(

                                1. re: Tapas52

                                  I drove by El O about 5:30, about 45 minutes after the power died. I finally managed to make it home about 45 minutes later (normally a 20 minute drive), cooked a burger on the grill and was a bout to relax with a movie (12 volt battery power source , 200 watt inverter and a 17 inch flat screen with built in DVD) when the power came back on. I was so ready to "survive!"

                                  Oh well, am in the area several times a week, and the option will still be there (as is takeout from Nikos)... :-)

                              2. Went past El Oaxaqueno 3 last night around 6pm and they were closed. Will be in the area again tonight and will pass by again see whether they are open. Sort of doubt they are normally closed on Fridays. I'd call but never have been able to get hold of anyone who speaks English at all.

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                                  Drove by again today (Saturday) about 5:30pm, and they were still closed...

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                                    That is odd Mark I'll check it Monday.....maybe they are on vacation?

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                                        I thought they would reopen.......possibly a death in the family or weekend vacation? I'm glad they are back in action there are many items I've yet to try there....thanks for the heads Up Mark.

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                                          Stopped in for a late take out mexican Cubano Big Sandwich.....they are back in full operation.....We talked to the manager & during that big stiorm last week they were hit and lost all electrical power for a few daysdays, hence the closing....happy to report now open again and delicious as always....