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Jun 30, 2010 04:16 AM

H&F burger schedule

Hello all,
Planning a first time visit to Holman & Finch for the 10 o'clock burger fest. We are planning on a week night and since it seems popular a 10 pm arrival may not be a great idea so can any of you H&F vets recommend a suitable arrival time? Since its not a menu item, do you ask for a number? How does this work?


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  1. It's a total crap shoot as far as how early you need to get there. Usually, i'd say you need to be there at least an hour in advance; however, it just depends. I've been there by 8:45 some nights and it's already gone ... other times, i get there past 10 and i've been able to snag one.

    No secret language, just ask if they have any left when you get there and tell them how many burgers you want. If the hot dog is available ... GET IT!!!!

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      Thanks thats exactly what I needed. Looking forward to it and I appreciate the tips.

      1. re: Kevin C

        Hope you weren't the guy at the bar at 8 ready for his 10PM burger tonight. Felt bad- it wasn't crowded and that's a lot of time to kill.