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Jun 30, 2010 03:01 AM

anson mills grits

Does anyone know of any retail outlets in Manhattan where Anson Mills grits and other products can be purchased?

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  1. I've only ordered Anson Mills products on line....but they came very fast...

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    1. re: gutsofsteel

      Unfortunately, I live overseas, and am in NYC for only a short time - no time to order.

      1. re: MarkC

        Highly possible they're not available in any retail outlets in NYC; I've never seen them in any markets in Manhattan, and I just went through product lists for the higher end markets I though might carry them. Nothing.

        Anson Mills website sells wholesale to professional chefs, no mention of retail stores. Maybe other posters will know differently.

        EDIT: I read an older chow thread about stone ground grits for sale in NYC; it was mentioned that Dean & Deluca carries Anson Mills grits, although the post was dated 2002. D & D currently has stone ground grits listed on their website, no mention of brand. Call them:

        Next thing to do, contact Anson Mills to see if and where they sell locally. Good luck.

        1. re: bushwickgirl

          Tried Dean & Deluca, they had another brand of stone-ground grits, forget the name at the moment, which I picked up, so thanks for the tip.

          As a token of appreciation, I'll give you a great restaurant tip. We tried a place called Amaranth on 62nd Street between 5th and Madison. It was fabulous. It is bistro food with an Italian twist. Good wines by the glass. I had the special penne bolognese that was as good as anything I ever had at Babbo. If it helps make it more persuasive, everyone around us was Italian.

    2. I believe I've gotten Anson Mills grits from Stinky Brooklyn in Carroll Gardens.

      1. I found them recently at the Whole Foods in Tribeca.