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Jun 30, 2010 02:18 AM

William-Sonoma Recipes... Any Good?

I recently discovered the recipes on the WS website. I also tried their yellow cake recipe that came with some cake pans I bought there. The yellow cake recipe was ok. I think it could have been more yellow and next time I plan to try the joyofbaking recipe. I was just wondering if anyone else has had good luck with their online recipes, particularly the baking ones. I guess the pictures look so beautiful it makes me want to try them.

Secondly, on the topic of baking websites, any real winners? I have tried a few off of joyofbaking that were good. I've also seen King Auther links a lot. I don't have a dessert baking book as of yet so I'm working only with the internet.

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  1. The two most popular baking sites I know of are Bakerella and Tartelette:

    Molly of Orangette and Deb of Smitten Kitchen also have some WONDERFUL baked goods you can try! SK in particular has some really lovely photography that you'll probably love. ;D

    1. I love the King Arthur Flour website recipes, and find them to be pretty foolproof. They also have some off-beat, interesting and creative ideas. I visit the site periodically to see what is new.

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        +1. KAF is my go-to baking recipe site. I've made the bleu cheese mini popovers from the WS site, and they were good.

        Anything I've made from pastry studio turned out perfect and delicious. I also love Joe Pastrty. I look to him for food chemistry explainations.

        And when I'm really stuck I watch the videos at eGullet. That place is a national treasure.

      2. Not at all related to baking, but I have made the beef barley soup from the W-S site. It was amazing, and I remember it making a HUGE amount.

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          Hmm, I wonder if they have seperate development teams. As for the yellow cake on a scale of "yuck!" to "a splendiferous tastetacular" I'd give it a "just ok." Honestly I think I expected more.

        2. Here is a fairly recent thread discussing Williams-Sonoma recipes:

          1. I've had very good luck with the savory dishes on the WS site - only made one cake, the Almond Cake, (very Italian in style) and it was luscious. They recently began a ratings and comment feature for their recipes, similar to Epicurious.