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Jun 30, 2010 01:17 AM

Ethnic eats near South Ken [London]

I'm visiting my parents this weekend in London. They live near South Ken tube and don't want to travel too far. I want to eat ethnic food. Can we find a solution that makes everyone happy?

I had a restaurant all picked out -- Tattukada in East Ham -- but my dad says East Ham is too far. Okay, I defer to his judgment (even though they have a car) but I'm still a little disappointed. (Pout.)

After doing research on these boards and dreaming of fish curries and other kerala cuisine, I'm now turning here to see if there are any intriguing ethnic eats nearer to South Ken, for a party of six to enjoy on Saturday night. I prefer Indian, but am open to all options. (Except Chinese unless it's really, really spectacular. My mom is Chinese and I'm pretty sure she's sampled every restaurant in greater London.)

We love Moshen, but I've been there several times and would like to try something new. Love Bosphorus kebabs, but it's probably a little too casual for dinner on Saturday night.

Could Ishbilya be a possibility?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. do you like thai? 101 thai is in hammersmith which isnt too far away, and it's pretty amazing imo. v authentic, v tasty

    1. How about Indian Zing in Ravenscourt Park? It's on the same (pretty long) stretch of road as 101 Thai - King St - and there's also a great Japanese place in the same area called Tosa.

      And your Dad is right - it's a long way to East Ham from South Kensington, both in distance, and, how can I put this, spiritually!

      1. Ragam (not posh but very good food and nice people)
        57 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4JN

        or something like Quilon (if you need posh)?

        1. Thank you for these great suggestions! I feel better already. I am definitely not looking for posh, and Thai food is a great addition to the mix.

          Greedygirl -- I just looked on Google maps and you (and my Pops) are right -- it is FAR! Okay, I won't be grumpy with him any longer.

          I'm still open to ideas from others, so keep the suggestions a-comin'!


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            Just throwing out another name.... Bombay Brasserie is close by and does a very good Sunday brunch buffet. I can never remember if they have it on Saturday as well. It passes approval with many 'in the know' on this board. :-) I do not include myself in that group as I haven't been to the BB in quite a few years.

            1. re: Cookingthebooks

              there are really a lot of great options:

              1. daquise, for re-furbished polish (check out limsters posts)
              2. no 10 in earls court for sichuan. if your mom hasn't been, she'll thank you. best sichuan cooking in town.
              3. min jiang on ken high street (kens. gardens hotel). c'mon. best schmancy dinner in town for chinese, fabulous duck and dim sum. once again, ma should be thrilled.
              4. nipa on bayswater road for a more upscale (and delicious) thai experience
              i'd also second the brasserie, ishbilya - and if you're willing to travel that far - indian zing and 101 thai.

              1. re: Cookingthebooks

                Thanks, guys! I was hoping you two would weigh in. Great suggestions. Confession: I myself wasn't too keen on Chinese since we'll be eating at Green Cottage (not my choice) on Sunday but, Howler, you said the magic word: Sichuan.

                Leaving for London today -- I'll report back!

              2. awana on sloane avenue. upmarket malaysian. 50% off deal on the london-eating website.

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                  Thanks for all your advice, London hounds! I typed up a little report of my ethnic eats here: