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Jun 30, 2010 12:44 AM

Birds Rotisserie Chicken Cafe & Bar

My buddy says that this place in Hollywood is great. Can't find anything on CH search. Anyone here tried it? Thanks!

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  1. They have inconsistently good chicken pot pie. When it's good, it's really good, but I've had it overcooked, with a slightly burnt crust, and it was not so good. It's a nice size, in a large ramekin. With a salad, it's a lot of food.

    They also have good chicken wings, and fried pickles.

    I think it should be called Bar and Cafe, as there's always a bar crowd in there.

    Parking's a problem, but you can park over on Beachwood and walk back. Or there's a valet at night.

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    1. re: lil mikey

      Birds is cool, has a good vibe and great for people watching. The chicken is okay, lacks flavor and is pretty dry.
      The bar portion is small and cramped but still good vibe.

    2. The food is mediocre, but the bar/happy hour/people watching/patio/location is great!

      1. The big deal at Bird's is when they light the bar on fire. And one guy from Tool reportedly hangs there.

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          I've also seen the guitarist for Infected Mushroom in there.