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Jun 30, 2010 12:39 AM

where to find some Thai food cooking essentials

I'm trying to make some coconut milk from scratch for some Thai curries and am wondering where I may find a coconut grater. Also, I want to make a green papaya salad and am wondering if anyone has suggestions on a papaya grater. thanks.

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    1. You can buy coconut graters and melon graters (which you can use to grate papaya) at Filipino grocers. You can also get all sorts of fruit/vege graters at a place like Gourmet Warehouse (they actually sell a cool little Thai fruit carving instrument there). A coarse box (cheese) grater will work. I've slos seen graters at Indian grocers. Thai Green papaya salad is traditionally "grated" by hand with a knife -where the papaya is peeled then held with one hand and the fruit is truck repeatedly with a knife to form thick matchsitcks. Then the ingredients are pounded together in a mortar and pestle.

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        I have purchased some of my Thai cookware through an online company called Thai Import Food. They cannot deliver their food products to Canada, but they do ship cookware and have great recipes. You could check their current inventory at:

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          hi fmed just wondering if you can point out the name of the Filipino grocers that would carry a coconut grater in Vancouver - thanks

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            No names off-hand...but try the ones on Fraser St around the 30's. I just know I have seen them. If I am around that area, I will report back. Also - I'll be doing some weekend shopping tomorrow on Commercial Dr. I think El Surreno has Indian coconut graters.

        2. ambitious! If the scratch-coconut milk fails, there's always frozen which is a step up from canned.

          1. The Gourmet Warehouse is a good source for gadgets like these, but I can't vouch for a coconut grater since I don't own one. But like Fmed said, Filipino and/or Indian stores are likely best "ethnic" sources for these things too.

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