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Jun 29, 2010 11:20 PM

Armenian banquet hall vs. Chinese restaurant wedding banquet

I want to have a lot of good food for approximately 200-250 people for $50-$85 a head all-inclusive so I have narrowed it down to the idea of an Armenian banquet hall or a traditional Chinese wedding banquet at a restaurant. I really don't want a boring traditional American hotel-style dinner service(dry chicken and over-cooked dry steak, no thank you) and would like a departure from Korean catered food.

Between these two choices, please let me know which you would choose and why. It would also be really helpful if you could recommend a banquet hall or restaurant.

On my short list(since I haven't started doing extensive research) are: Renaissance Banquet Hall in Glendale, Mission 261 in San Gabriel and the Universal Hilton. Location can be anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. I would love to hear a variety of opinions so thank you in advance!

Mission 261 Restaurant
261 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

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  1. In Monterey Park, you might want to take a look at Ocean Star Seafood, Restaurant (145 N. Atlantic Blvd.). It'll remind you of a night in Hong Kong (according to my friends) due to the decor and vibe of the place and its large with plenty of free parking because it is in a mall. For a wedding banquet, the dishes served would have symbolic meaning and purpose (read: and are typically 10 courses which ought to appease your most voracious guests; plus, I think the food is good! The variety of a ten course meal and ability for the restaurant to host dancing after would be nice and plus, they can close off part of the restaurant so your area is quite private and exclusive. They make a great peking duck, so before you decide, go and have a meal there and see what you think. Mission 261 also has great food so not a bad choice either. I haven't been to an Armenian banquet hall, but looking forward to additional comments... I've been to weddings at the Universal Hilton and it was fine, but expect the chicken/steak you described above...

    Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant
    145 N Atlantic Blvd Ste 201, Monterey Park, CA 91754

    Mission 261 Restaurant
    261 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

    1. Personally I'd prefer Chinese, but you might check this place. Could be a value.

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        They DO NOT have good chinese food. I suggest the Arat house too!@

        1. re: robbie 11

          Keep in mind that the Ararat Home has a waiting list of something like 2 years.

      2. Two Aremenian banquet halls that Ive been too for weddings that have EXCELLENT food are:
        1. The Arat house ,
        2. Olympia Hall,

        Hope this helps...

        1. I prefer Chinese wedding banquets because you know your guests will not go home hungry. (That's certainly happened to me elsewheres.) Universal Hilton is a great experience but pricier than the comparable event at a Chinese restaurant at the upper end of your range. All of the large Chinese restaurants do a lot of wedding business--sometimes you have to reserve a year in advance--and consequently do it well. This would include Ocean Star, NBC, 888, Mission 261, Empress Harbor, Capital Seafood, etc. etc. Really the only venue I would be wary of is the San Gabriel Hilton as I know they had tons of problems when they opened up and nobody's convinced me things have gotten better.

          Capital Seafood Restaurant
          755 W Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754

          Mission 261 Restaurant
          261 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

          1. I would do a Chinese banquet, but it really depends on the kind of you food you want served, and the atmosphere you're looking to foster.

            That said, if you decide to go the Chinese route, avoid the Hilton. Bad news all around. The other Chinese places mentioned upthread -- e.g. Ocean Star, 888, Empress Harbor, Mission 261, etc. -- all have the banquet thing down to a science cuz Chinese people, when they get married, do banquets like it's going to be their last meal until, well, the next wedding.

            Good luck.

            Mission 261 Restaurant
            261 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

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              Are there problems with both the San Gabriel AND the Universal Hilton(next to Universal Studios) when it comes to Chinese banquets? I've heard from friends that the Universal Hilton was good.