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Jun 29, 2010 07:02 PM

Johnny G's Butcher Shop - Worth the trip

First, I know it's a haul down to 11600 Manchaca and to the best of my knowledge, there's not another thing around there. But trust me, it is absolutely worth the trip. I drive down from Georgetown every couple of months to get my grill on...

Their bratwurst and Italian sausage are absolutely top notch, I load up my freezer with them.

For father's day, they had bone in rib eyes that were very high quality. They source their beef from a couple of ranches near Corpus Christi from a low volume meat house.

The stuffed jalapenos and stuffed sausage caps were huge hits with my family.

I've never had anything from there that wasn't very high quality. These guys know their meat too. I needed a whole shoulder of beef to smoke and couldn't find anyone else who could help. These guys had exactly what I wanted.

My local HEB is OK, will grind meat that I ask for, cut up pork shoulder for carnitas to save me time, quality is decent. Central market tends to be pretty expensive, but some merquez sausage, stuffed dulce peppers and great chicken quarters have made the last couple of trips worth it.

I also stopped at Cooper's (Lee's?) meat market on W 38th. Seems to just be a catering joint now, almost zero fresh meat.

When it's time for the big grill or weekend of smoking, the trip to deep south Austin is worth it.

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  1. Any HEB will sell you a COV chuck roll. Wait for when they have a sale on chuck roasts. I live near Johnny G's and have been underwhelmed there. But I've never tried their sausage.