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Jun 29, 2010 06:35 PM

Baking dishes for Breville/comparable convection toaster ovens (9"x13" or smaller)

Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for baking dishes (both jelly roll types and deeper ones up to 3-4" deep) that can be safely used in a convection toaster oven up to 500 degrees F, that comes in 9"x13" or smaller?

I've heard on these boards and via other sources that Pyrex can shatter and that even Le Creuset enamel covered porcelain dishes sometimes crack when placed in the oven.

I'm also hoping to get dishes that are as 'non-toxic' as possible (e.g., trying to avoid non-stick, etc.) and include tight lids for storage and transport purposes.

Many thanks!

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  1. Anyone..? Sorry if this is a clueless question -- I'm pretty new to this cooking thing..

    1. A 9x13 pan will not fit in my Breville. I usually use a heavy 9" square cake pan for roasting in the toaster oven. I know of no pan for this sized oven that comes with tight lids for storage; try foil.

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        Thanks, Pikawicca. I found some pans on amazon that fit the larger Breville and have a lid that I will link later in the event it's useful to you or others, but I think they are non-stick and the lids don't fit airtight..

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          I'm always interested in hearing about quality pans that fit in this oven. Last Saturday, my main oven quit working and I had to rely on the Breville: it was a champ.

      2. I have the BOV800XL model breville; It easily fits my 9x13" aluminum quarter-sheet pan. I assume a normal 9x13" baking dish or pan would fit if it lacked large handles(or you could just put the pan in on a diagonal, depending on its shape) . Amazon seems to have some nordicware aluminum pans that come with plastic lids that should fit in the oven.

        I can also fit my 9" lodge cast iron skillet (L6SK3) and 10.5" lodge round griddle; both would obviously be able to take high temperatures. I suspect the 10" lodge skillet will fit as well, but it has that helper handle that might get in the way. The 12" lodge skillet(L10SK3) does not fit.

        One way to be sure the cookware can handle the temperature is to see if it says "Broiler-safe" on it somewhere; Not all broiler-safe cookware will tell you though.

        Also, the old pyroceram corningware can handle the temperature and thermal shock. Most modern corningware is just porcelain but there do seem to be a few pyroceram pieces still in production.

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        1. re: monocle

          Monocle, thanks so much. I tried a 10" lodge skillet and it fit perfectly!

          Pikawicca and others seeking pans for the Breville, these are the ones I tried that fit:

          Nordicware aluminum cake pan with lid:

          Nordicware aluminum quarter sheet with lid:

          Both are made of the same high quality, substantial aluminum and according to the Amazon description, don't have any coating (e.g., non-stick) added. The lids are soft translucent plastic and fit pretty well, but not air tight.

          When I emailed Nordicware, they said that the pans should NOT be put in the broiler or in the dishwasher, even though Amazon says they are dishwasher safe.

          Thanks to Amazon's poor packing, the cake pans arrived with dents and the quarter pans arrived with several small but deep scratches. Total sidebar, but not sure what's up with Amazon's order fulfillment -- more than half their stuff comes damaged, and clearly not packed well (with these pans, they were just thrown w/o padding into the cardboard shipping box).

          Williams Sonoma also carries what appears to be identical pans, but they are much pricier and WS says they're 'exclusive', so Nordicware might have made a few tweaks to these.

          BTW, i also use Le Creuset oval stoneware baking dishes, 9" and 12" long, and they fit perfectly (and go right from oven to table).

          1. re: iyc_nyc

            Also, for whatever it's worth, both Pyrex and Le Creuset stoneware are made to go into the oven---don't worry too much about the shattering. It's unusual, and the two times I've heard of it happening, was tied to the dishes being moved inadvertently from an oven to a hot stovetop. They aren't stove-safe, and can shatter with heat like that.

        2. just had a blog post about this very thing with bakeware from Amazon and Crate & Barrel.