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Jun 29, 2010 06:10 PM

Chocolate in London

Where are the best places in London for chocolate? I have in mind chocolate truffles, chocolate drinks, chocolate ice cream, chocolate bars, etc. Any local London chocolatiers one shouldn't miss?

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  1. For chocolate bars and hot chocolate, try Rabot Estate in Borough Market. Look out for their Chuao bars (a hard to find criollo bean from Venezuela) and their dash of milk bars. The chocolate tea, made with coarse ground cacao beans, is raw and powerful. The choc covered cocoa nibs are addictive.

    My favourite choc ice cream so far is at L'Artisan du Chocolate in Westbourne Grove (not sure if other branches serve ice cream). The flavour of their choc ice cream is superb, and intensified by the addition of cacao nibs, that more than make up for the dilution when milk is added for ice cream. Their salted caramel ice cream is also outstanding.

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      I went to Rabot Estate the other week and bought all your recommendations - 62% Dash of Milk with Cacao Nibbs. the Chuao bar, and 70% Dash of Milk. Really delicious. Will have to make a return trip very soon.

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        I'm munching on Chuao bar and other 70% ers- William Curley, the Amedei Porcelana I asked you about acquiring a while ago, and Peyton and Byrne. The Peyton and Byrne is very strange, as though something has gone wrong in its storage. Any one else have this experience?

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          BTW, what's your opinion on how the Amedei ones compare?

          Haven't had the Peyton and Byrne, but the Amadei bars (Chuao and Porcelana) did have a faint odd flavour when we tasted it (somewhat like across between petroleum and mold) that we think had to do with the plastic wrap.

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            There was nothing light about the offness of the Peyton and Byrne bar. A bit of medical store room and a touch of bregamot, and repeats (if that is the an OK term) on the palate.
            The Amadei Porcelana has fantastic extras of near burned caramel and rich Brazil nut with a switch to the floral as the long finish goes on. The Chuao seems to just be content to rest at the heart of chocolate.

      2. I'm a fan of L'artisan du chocolat too, especially the sparkling wine truffles, or whatever they call them now, and he has good chocolate bars. I'd also recommend Paul A Young, his salted caramel balls are wonderful! Fortnum and Mason also has a diverse and good range of chocolate bars, including my favourite flavour, the one from Papua New Guinea.

        1. i really like paul young (islington, i usually get a mixed box plus a brownie) and william curley (richmond and pimlico, i think. i like his salt caramels, pistachio marzipans and soy dusted chocolate-dipped nuts).

          melt in notting hill does wonderful chocolates but is madly expensive. their chocolate cubes ona stick which you stir into a mug of hot milk to make hot chcocolate is a nice gift option.

          montezuma (spitalfields) is a good everyday option and again good for gifts as their packaging is fun. i particularly like the geranium dainty dollops and liked a special bar they had recently which was dark chocolate, sour cherries and marzipan.

          1. Recommend Demarquette's on Fulham Road who also sell the best ganache chocolates in Fortnum & Mason. For chocolate purists Demarquette have the widest selection of single origin bars I have found so far in London and the cornish sea salt caramel is my favourite and just yesterday I tasted their Clotted Cream & salted caramel icecream which is to die for. Of course Harrods is the best place for huge variety and a good starting point for an all-in-one shop.

            1. Thanks for the tips, folks. I was at Paul Young's the other day. If you haven't had their chocolate gelato (which is served with a hardening dark chocolate sauce, chocolate flakes, AND tiny chocolate pearls) you are missing out on an unbelievably delicious experience.

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                Correction: it was the chocolate SORBET that I had. So good.