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Jun 29, 2010 04:29 PM

Apertivo in both the Sorrento/Ravello and the San Gimignano/Siena/Chianti areas

So much food, so little time. We will be staying a week in Sorrento and a week near Certaldo and are on the hunt for some great place for apertivo.


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  1. I don't think of scenic Campania or rural Tuscany as being apertivi country. I associate apertivi with the hip urban centers of the north. I've enjoyed (expensive!) pre-dinner cocktails in the fancy hotels with the great sunset views along the Amalfi. I almost never drink before dinner in rural Tuscany, although I will have a Negroni in Firenze.

    Maybe I've been missing something and others will show the way!

    1. Agree with barberinbee. Sorrento likely has a large selection of bars, and Ravello does have a few comfortable bars near the duomo, where you'll be able to order the usual Campari, Aperol, and Punt e Mes, etc. Not sure what kind of aperitivo snacks you'll find beyond olives, maybe some taralli.

      1. Its not something Id incline to either, nevertheless it seems to be a developing trend

        a spritz Aperol or Campari soda at a casual bar would be about our speed before dinner.

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          Thanks Jen. I found the website too.
          So OK guess we will take advantage of our own lovely views and do our own appertivo.