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Jun 29, 2010 03:22 PM

What are the Best Non-US Cooking Magazines

Every now and then I find a foreign (non-US) cooking magazine and try it out. They usually cost a bit more, so I am reluctant to buy them that often, but with the loss of Gourmet last November, I think I would like to replace it with something foreign.

The last magazine I tried out was Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie'. Though I am not entirely won over, I did enjoy it. The page texture, layout, and style were more 'hip' if that matters to people, but I also liked how he had a better focus on kids. It seemed refreshing and current, but it is also hard to get a proper feel just off of one issue.

I also like looking at what products are being featured abroad that I have never heard of. Of course, there are also drawbacks to foreign publications in that some food items are less available here; you might have to convert recipes; and language could be an issue -- but what are the equivalents of Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food and Wine, and Saveur for the rest of the world?


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  1. I like the Australian "delicious," but it is expensive and also the seasons are opposite! Not sure if the English one is quite as fun.

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      A few months back I got a subscription offer from Delicious, and I think I might order it. I think I also tried the Australian mag called Food and Travel. I've gotten it a couple of times, and both times I have enjoyed it.

    2. Neighbor loaned me La Cucina Italiana - I have eight post-its in it, I know for a fact. . . now if I could only find it. It may be made in USA but it's a great 'zine.

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        I absolutely love La Cucina Italiana and have subscribed to it for the last year or so. This was actually the magazine that got me thinking more about international publications. Whoever decided to translate it into English has my deepest gratitude.

        1. Australian Women's Weekly is one of the best recipe magazines ever. I've been a fan since I lived in OZ in 89/90.

          1. If you can read at least a little bit of German I highly recommend "Essen & Trinken" by far the best German cooking magazine. I have seen it a few times in the US. It covers a very wide range of great and very creative recipes from all over the world, including from well known chefs (e.g. Bocuse etc.), reports from wine regions throughout the world, reports from interesting travel destiniations throughout the world with focus on restaurants and cuisine etc. I really would like to see such a cooking magazine in the US.

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              I think I'd dust off my German for that one. I used to go to Vienna quite a bit and all the cookware shops were wonderful to sift through with all the German, Swiss, and Italian wares. I would have thought a couple good German-language magazines were out there.

            2. Slow Food's Gambero Rosso (in English) is an interesting look at wines and regions and restaurants in Italy; France's Saveurs (French only) --unrelated to the US Saveur--is a lively, fresh, and wide-ranging monthly, covering food, wine, and travel within France and beyond. I enjoy both not so much for recipes, but for looks at local pleasures not normally covered elsewhere.