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Jun 29, 2010 03:06 PM

Wedding registry - what kitchen essentials do you use now that you wish you'd added to yours? Or, which ones did you register for and later found that they're invaluable?

I'm not getting married until next June (I can hardly wait!) but my fiance and I want to start registering this month, because one of my showers is going to be at the end of August.

We'll be upgrading to stainless steel All-Clad pots and utensils, a Le Creuset (any suggestions on size??? A 5.5 or a 7.25 or what?), and a few nicer electrics, including the requisite KitchenAid Mixer (I can't pick a color yet, love them all), and an espresso machine (!!!)

However, what kitchen gadgets or items or whatever are your FAVORITE, the items you wish you'd registered for, or the items you actually requested and thanked your lucky stars you received? My mom keeps saying an egg poaching pan, which is duly noted. What else?

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  1. You need a fire extinguisher. There may come a time when you thank your lucky stars that you have it. In fact, it only needs to prove its worth once.

    By the way, I hate my All-Clad.

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    1. re: E_M

      You hate your All-Clad?! Details, if you please!

      And consider the fire extinguisher placed firmly under the 'Duly Noted' category, knocking the egg poacher out of first place.

      1. re: E_M

        Agreed on the fire extinguisher. That's what my sister got us as a house warming present. We haven't had to use it, but I'm glad it's there.

      2. Congrats on your engagement and upcoming nuptials! As a new bride who's only been settled and cooking for a few weeks now, I can already tell you that I love my:

        - Le Creuset 7.25 round oven. We originally went with a 6.75 wide, but I am SO glad we went bigger. I used it for the first time Sunday, and it cleaned up brilliantly.
        - Nonstick 8'' frying pan. Mine is Emerilware, and it's made by All Clad. We do enjoy all our All-Clad stainless items, but the nonstick is still the best for frying eggs and making pancakes!
        - My salad spinner. My fiance laughed at me last November when I added it to our Macy's registry, but it is a Godsend! I make a lot of homemade dressing, and it's so important to have the lettuce nice and dry so the oil or whatnot can properly adhere to all those leaves.
        - Wooden spoons. Register for the best quality ones you can find, in two different lengths (long and longer) and you'll be so happy you did

        What I wish we had:

        - The Williams Sonoma All-Clad stainless bowls. They're SCARY expensive, so registered for some Martha Stewart ones instead, and it was a huge mistake. They can't even go in the dishwasher! My best friend has the AC ones I wanted, and they're so dreamy. Ugh, next pay check, I'm breaking down and getting them.
        - A Cuisinart mini prep. I sound like a spoiled brat; we got an 11 cup full Cuisinart food processor, and I've used it once, and it was great. However, I feel silly pulling it out when it's just me and my hubby. The mini prep would definitely suffice when preparing meals for 1 - 4 people, and much easier to clean

        What I still love from my old apartment and his:
        - My Kitchen Aid hand mixer. A stand mixer is nice, but it's kind of a pain to lug in and out of the pantry, and my husband doesn't want it on the counter all the time (he's soooo OCD!). The hand mixer is nice for easy clean-up, and for things like icings, it's great.
        - His 11 inch square grill pan. Fantastic for salmon, small steaks, chicken, vegetables, etc.

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        1. re: Jadore

          Congrats again on being a newlywed - how exciting!

          Thanks for all of this, wow. I actually was looking at the WS AC bowls; I might register for them and see if anyone else is crazy enough to get them for us, lol. Sorry to hear about the Martha bowls! How crazy; why can't they go in the dishwasher? That sounds annoyingly impractical, grr.

          You know what, I have a Kitchen Aid hand mixer, and you're right, it's the best for easy clean-up and all that. And I like your point about the Mini Prep! That is definitely something to think about.

          My FI is OBSESSED with his De'Longhi indoor grill, by the way! That is such a guy thing, lol.

          1. re: Glam Foodie

            Is there some reason the cheap stainless bowls at Ace Hardware wouldn't work? I mean, these are mixing/mise-en-place bowls, right?

            1. re: Glam Foodie

              Right now the All Clad bowels are $99 and free shipping from Amazon.


                1. re: Mother of four

                  Just fyi, the Amazon set linked above isn't the same as the Williams Sonoma set - has two of the same sized bowls but instead of WS's 7-qt, has a 1.5 qt.

            2. While I am not married, I did have the fun task of outfitting my own kitchen when I was living with my boyfriend last year. Now we're in different cities while I'm in grad school, so a lot of my stuff is packed up in my parents' garage! But I digress.

              If you don't already have a favorite set of great knives, go to wherever you're registering and try holding a few different brands. Find some that are comfy for you, and request those! That and a really nice butcher block. Those are the things I use most in my kitchen.

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              1. re: operagirl

                Thanks for the tip about the knives! My fiance's been drooling over the Wusthof forever; I guess we need to register for them separately and see if we get them. And sorry for making my post so wedding-minded. I just bought a bunch of bridal magazines on my lunch break, so I sort of have weddings on the brain! I'll change the title now to say wish lists as well. :)

                1. re: Glam Foodie

                  If he is into Wusthof, I would suggest him to take a look of Wusthof Classic Ikon and Wusthof Blackwood Ikon.


                  He may not like them, but you two should at least take a look at Ikon.

                  Shun knives are pretty good too if you two don't mind the hybrid Japanese style knives (not full Japanese).

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    Ohh, no, I've heard very good things about the Ikon. I'm sending him this link now, thank you so much!

                    1. re: Glam Foodie

                      Try your knives - there are very different feels to a Wusthof versus a Global, and that applies to other brands as well. Personal like of the feel of the knife is critical. Go to the store with a few onions and make them let you demo them.. And don't get a set - most chef's only use a favorite knife or two or three. Get a good chef's knife or santoku, a paring knife, perhaps a bread knife.. the bread knife doesn't have to be expensive. If you find yourself boning a lot later, you can always pick one up.

                    2. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      we've had this discussion before - i finally bought a Shun Santoku a few months ago, and it's now my prized possession :)

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        Hi Goodhealth,

                        Yeah. I am glad that you enjoy your Shun Santoku. I heard many good things about that it. So what did the Shun Santoku replace? In other words, you love your Shun Santoku because it performs better than what knife?

                        P.S.: Don't forget that there is free Shun knife sharpening service if you want to take advantage of it. A lot of people do not know this.

                      2. re: Chemicalkinetics


                        I would suggest that you maintain His and Hers Knives, or at least you each have your own "workhorse" knife, while having the rest shared.

                        It is of the major opinion that even if you have $500 knives in the block, if they don't feel right in your hand, you are going to end up using almost aways that $5 one that does. This is why it is always suggested that you go to a place and try several brands out.

                        That being said, what knife works best for him will probably not feel right for you. Since you expect your favorite good knife to last as long as your marriage - a lifetime; it is reasonable to take as much care in picking your knife as you did him. Again congrats!.

                        1. re: Quine

                          "it is reasonable to take as much care in picking your knife as you did him. "

                          Ha ha ha

                          I will take one paraphrase from "Marley and Me":

                          A knife has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A knife judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside. A knife doesn't care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.

                  2. well i've never been married but i still have a wish list and some favorite workhorses. but it also depends on what you like to cook, and how much space you have to keep all this stuff!

                    - immersion blender
                    - food processor (i'm currently coveting the new die-cast Cuisinart Elite)
                    - electric kettle
                    - toaster oven
                    - bar blender
                    - dehydrator
                    - rice cooker
                    - good butcher block or cutting board
                    - spice grinder
                    - infrared thermometer
                    - good mandoline
                    - food mill
                    - pressure cooker
                    - ice cream maker
                    - panini press or waffle iron
                    - don't forget good knives!
                    - grill (indoor or outdoor depending on your housing/property situation)

                    re: the KitchenAid stand mixer, you might want to read through some of the threads on the board...some of us prefer the Cuisinart.

                    oh, and congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

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                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      OMG an immersion blender! THANK YOU, I always forget about those, though everyone raves about them. And haha, my fiance's already eying a Cuisinart waffle maker; he is so excited for it.

                      Thanks for the info about the Cuisinart vs KA mixer debate! I'll be sure to check out the threads in a bit. And sorry for making my post so wedding-minded. I just bought a bunch of bridal magazines on my lunch break, so I sort of have weddings on the brain! I'll change the title now to say wish lists as well. :)

                      1. re: Glam Foodie

                        don't be silly! every bride-to-be i've ever known has wedding on the brain. no need to apologize for a perfectly understandable affliction ;)

                        these should get you started on the stand mixer debate:

                        1. re: Glam Foodie

                          You can get an immersion blender with all the bells and whistles at Costco for $30. Save your registry :)

                          1. re: c oliver

                            Although, if someone can't afford a big ticket item but would rather get you something gift-y than say, one place setting, it might be a nice option! Jussayin.

                            1. re: operagirl

                              Agreed. But from what I've seen that $30 immersion blender at Costco is much more expensive elsewhere. On that subject, our daughter who married recently registered with Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond. Something for every budget which I think is great.

                      2. Off the top of my head, here's some other kitchen essentials that you may or may not already own:

                        - Pyrex glass baking dishes
                        - Ceramic casseroles (I like Emile Henry)
                        - Stainless jelly roll pans (so versatile!)
                        - The highest quality knives possible. The essentials are a 6 inch chef's knife, 8 inch bread, and 3 or 4 inch parer. We have Shun, and they're fantastic.
                        - A wooden cutting board and another plastic one for poultry, fish, etc
                        - A Microplane! That's another item from my old place that I would hate to part with.

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                        1. re: Jadore

                          I do indeed have two Pyrex pans, a microplane, and a jelly roll pan! These are some of my favorite items. I splurged on a WS jelly roll when I graduated college, and I think I'll ask for another, since I love it so much. My mom likes Emile Henry casseroles too, but there's a few Lenox ones that come with my preferred everyday pattern that I really adore. (Lenox Opal Innocence Carved - lets see if my fiance will agree to them!)

                          Thank you again for all your awesome suggestions; we definitely need proper cutting boards, that's for sure.