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Jun 29, 2010 02:43 PM

Source for Korean Chili Paste and Chili Flakes in SF

Hello everyone, I'm looking for Korean Chili Paste (Gojuchong) and chili flakes to make Kimchee. I live in the Upper Haight so I'm thinking somewhere on Clement or Irving will have what I'm looking for. Also, if anyone has tips on the curing process, the recipe I'm following is a little vague:

Season Cabbage with Kosher salt and cure cabbage in a perforated pan with a heavy press overnight to drain liquid.

Just curious about the perforated pan and heavy press.

Help is appreciated, thanks.

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  1. When we make kimchee at home, we season whole leaves of fresh napa cabbage, and layer them into a large glass jar or crock. The old time sauerkraut crocks work very well. We then either use cheesecloth and a rubber band over the top of the open jar with no lid, or use a plate that fits down into the crock and will hold the cabbage down. We usually add a little water, but unlike sauerkraut we don't fill it up above the cabbage as much water will come out in the first day. Leave the jar or crock out to ferment, in a cool dark location, like in a cooler in the shade. We usually only make it in the winter, as summertime temperatures in Concord are too hot. Check it every day, and I usually poke into it with a chopstick to try to get all the air bubbles out. Once it is fermented to your taste, or slightly before, repackage into smaller jars that you can seal tightly, and then store in the fridge. If you don't want kimchee flavored butter and milk, put the sealed jars into a ziploc before putting them in the fridge. Many Korean households have a seperate fridge for kimchee.
    As for the ingredients, I shop at Hankook Market in Concord, on Monument Blvd. They have everything! I'm sure any medium sized asian grocer in SF should have what you need.

    Hankook Market
    1450 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520

    1. Those ingredients are available at First Korean in Inner Richmond.

      You don't need to cure the cabbage overnight with a weight. Just heavily salt it, let it sit for an hour or two, turn so it is even salted, and let sit for another hour or two. Then you can rinse and add the spice paste.

        1. For the best selection of Korean items near SF, Kukje Market in Daly City is a supermarket with panchan, butcher, fish counter, etc. It's close to the 280 exit and a quicker drive from many parts of San Francisco than Clement or Irving Street would be.