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Jun 29, 2010 02:35 PM

American Sector

My parents and I had a light lunch at American Sector yesterday. We had the heirloom tomato salad with fried mozzarella sticks (special), a foot long chili dog, and a chicken sandwich with bacon and piquillo pepper dressing. Everything was fine. The homemade hot dog was the best part. The sandwich being served on a silly, thick, footed cutting board "plate" was the worst part (especially for my mom who is short and had trouble reaching up to it from the already low seats). The three of us ate for just over $30, with no alcohol obviously. Not bad at all.

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  1. I've been intrigued by American Sector since I saw signs up about their happy hour, 3-6pm every day...

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      just had the happy hour last nite, was great - half priced drinks (besh uses the covington brewery for micro brews) and 1.50 sloppy joe sliders. thumbs up.

    2. I had lunch at American Sector, the food was awesome and the milk shakes were super yummy. I had the same chicken sandwich. I actually liked that it was served on a cutting board. At least it shows a little creativity rather the same boring mundane things you find at every other restaurant. The onion rings were a little thick, but you could really taste the beer in the batter.
      My friend had the pig sandwich and it looked incredible. I will go back for dinner I think, the lunch hour looked super busy.

      1. I'm a fan. My whole family was in town a month ago and I brought them for a dinner reservation - easy table for 14 with 24 hours notice. The food ranged from good to excellent and the atmosphere was casual without being too kitschy or overbearing. Everybody enjoyed the food and some of the standouts were the lamb rib appetizer (excellent) and the pork cheeks. Definitely not an evening scene but if you want to get a big party seated on quick notice without spending an arm and a leg I would defintely keep it in mind.

        1. I think it's a nice addition to that area of town--reasonably priced menu with a good selection of standard American fare that tastes anything but standard. For the price, the food is very good. We loved the onion rings, sloppy joes, buster crabs. Don't remember what sandwich my sister had, she liked it a lot. And the jar of shrimp was pretty tasty too. I'm not much of a beer fan, but the server recommended one on tap that I really enjoyed.
          Great option for less adventurous palates, but still good for those who appreciate food with a bit of flair.
          I also attended an event catered by AS and sampled a wide array of delicious morsels, lots of them miniaturized twists on American favorites. (I recall a fried "croquette" of mac-'n-cheese served w/a mustardy dipping sauce, not something I usually go for, but it was pretty tasty.)