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Jun 29, 2010 02:11 PM

New Haven rest stop?

I live in Mass. and travel to and from New York. Recently, I changed my route from 90/84 to Interstate 95. I will only miss Rein's deli but am looking for a similar stopping place along Route 95. Is there anything in or near New Haven right off the highway that is fast, cheap and delicious?

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  1. Gotta eat at the Taco trucks at Long Wharf. Cheap, Fast, Very very tasty and easy on/off 95.

    1. Did a similar trip last summer and stopped at Frank Pepes for the best pizza. Not fast, but worth the time. Maybe if you go when they open ar after the lunch and before dinner rush it's faster.

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        "The Spot", a Pepe's spinoff next door, usually has less of a wait than the original.

        If you like very good Indian food, Darbar in Branford is fairly near I-95, is open for lunch, and has a lunch buffet on Fri., Sat. and Sun.

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          The menu looks fantastic but is it really only open on weekdays?

        2. I can't remember the name of the place but in Branford, CT there is a sandwich shop on main street that is great for picking up something to go. Get off at exit 55 and head west. When you get to the fork where there is a gas station in the middle of the fork, take a left which will go by the high school. Road curves to the left and right after the light on the left side you should see the place. They make all sorts of sandwiches to sooth the hungry beast of traveling.

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            P & M Fine Food Delicatessen - (203) 488-6183
            Cuisine: Catering Deli Family Italian Pizza
            401 Main St Branford CT
            think thats the name your looking for

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              LOOKS FABULOUS. Thanks so much for everyone's great ideas. I may never make it to NY :-)