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Jun 29, 2010 01:33 PM

Daniella's Gelateria in Greenwich--Simply OUTSTANDING

Have gone 3 days in a row now. 315 Greenwich Ave. Pure heaven. Creamy, flavorful and no artificial colors. The flavors are right on. great bright space right out of Rome and air conditioning that pumps! Truly a hit!

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  1. how long has Daniella's been there? I haven't walked the whole length of the Avenue lately, but it looks like this is right next to the florist?

    With Meli-Melo and their fantastic ice cream toward the bottom of the avenue, and Daniella's Gelato midway up the avenue, sounds like we've got a nice duo of fantastic frozen treats on the avenue... Can't wait to try it.

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    1. re: adamclyde

      It is right next to Versailles (try a slice of the pontneuf there!) and starbucks. Sign out front said grand opening so I am assuming not very long. We did the walk and sadly could not believe the difference in value between here and meli melo. granted it's not gelato but for a $4 single scoop in a cup at meli melo it was literally a 2 ounce golf ball-esque scoop rolling around in the plastic cup. depressing almost. so $10 for two tiny scoops and a tip for the nice waitress/counter peep. Then at Danielle's it was $4.80 or so for a small and it was jam packed with heavenly gelato almost double the amount of goodness.

      1. re: cubanat

        That's somewhat new then... meli melo has always been expensive, but not totally skimpy in their portions. Used to be in the $6 range for a waffle cone, if I remember correctly... hmm....

    2. I totally disagree about Daniella's...maybe it's just b/c i was in Italy a couple months ago and had amazing gelato there, but i found Daniella's to be subpar. I am not saying it's not good, just not great. I actually find Capricchio's hazelnut gelato to be far superior to the hazelnut at Daniela's. Definitely a nice place to get something different than American ice cream, just didnt think it was all that. BTW - I really didnt like their espresso.

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      1. re: bbqlover

        Sorry-agree to disagree & I did not try their espresso. To call this subpar is ridiculous though. Where is this place caprichio's?

        1. re: cubanat

          Capricchio's is in Stamford. it's a European style cafe, but does not specialize in Gelato. I am not saying it's great, but definitely better than Daniella's. Everyone has their own opinion, but like I said, I just got back from Italy a couple months ago and Daniella's is nothing compared to what I had over there.

      2. I'm afraid I totally disagree about Daniella being any good. I am from Italy and I found the gelato at Daniella very disappointing:( I had high hope and was very excited to finally have real gelato here in Greenwich, but unfortunately that isn't the case with Daniella: way too sweet, not creamy nor "airy" enough.
        The only place that I really like and where I find the gelato to be almost as good as back home is Gelatissimo, in New Canaan. I love that they always make gelato with what is in season (had a wonderful mango gelato the other day!) and the texture is excellent. Plus, not unimportant, the prices are a little more "human"....daniella is ridiculously expensive..
        Just my 2 c.

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        1. re: Cuoca milanese

          Ditto here on the thumbs down on daniellas. It is good, but it stops there.

          By the much gelato do you have to sell to pay the rents on Greenwich Ave!!??

          Unless you own the property (which I suspect the proprietor does) you wont last very long!!

          1. re: Cuoca milanese

            Gelatissimo is fantastic. jfood was glad to see how busy it was last night as well as the outdoor seating along Forest St.

            1. re: Cuoca milanese

              From when did people in Milano start eating gelato??? Its not even part of your traditions. I know the gelato in New Canaan and the one from Capriccio, you don't deserve to eat Daniella's gelato because it is superior to others, even though the price is not high but the same as New Canaan. " But in Greenwich it is different".