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Jun 29, 2010 01:26 PM

Macaron class?

Does anyone know where I can take a class (private or group) on making French macarons?

I have been trying unsuccessfully for months and spent crazy amounts of money on almonds and almond flour. I'm not giving up! But I would love some guidance. I'd even be willing to travel for a class. That would be a fun weekend getaway! Thank you!

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  1. Gesine Bullock-Prado specializes in both macarons and almond macaroons. She gave a class at King Arthur Flour in VT a few weeks ago - I don't know what she demonstrated there. Her website is and there's a link to her blog on it. Many enticing photos and recipes on the blog.

    1. The Bonnie Gordon school in Toronto has a macaron class. It's a 2 day class that does macarons, caramels, marshmallows and financiers. We spent a day and a half on macarons, and they came out great! Here's a link to their class listing:

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        Ah, I envy you!! I wish I could go there -I even sought out their Facebook page awhile back. Sounds like a great experience!

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          1. Mille-fueille in NYC offers a private one-on-one (or two student) hands on lessons that are four hours in length. I can honestly say that with the amount of macarons you walk out with, and the fact that your success rate at home goes through the roof is worth every single penny. I've taken classes in Michigan, SF, and this one. I have little doubt this will be last class you'll ever need. Olivier teaches you the Italian meringue with three different fillings. I think it would make a great holiday gift or birthday present.

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              I'm looking at his site but I don't see anything about the class. (wow- he made all the pastries for his own WEDDING?!!! that's beyond impressive!) The macarons look beautiful, too.

              This is insane as I don't have the money for much of anything these days - but what a gift to myself that would be... with the cheapo bus fares to NYC, this is almost a possibility!

              Btw - cantcookbutluv2eat , I admire your persistence!! If you decide to do this, be sure to report back to us. I might not be able to do this, but I can live through your experience, hahaha!

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                The Flour cookbook has an approachable but delicious recipe for almond macaroons.

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                  They now have a a tab on their website, with prices. Here is the link: