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Jun 29, 2010 01:24 PM

Good Eats at Blue Mountain? (Collingwood)

Can anyone reccomend good restaurants/bars at Blue Mountain? I will be there for 3 days this coming weekend and have no idea where to go for lunch and dinner.


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  1. Try the alphorn.. large portions for schnitzel, bratwurst, etc..

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      If you don't mind going a little further to Thornbury there's Bridges tavern on hwy 26 just before town or dam pub both are good and have nice patios. Thornbury has a cute little strip of shops too.

    2. For dining in the village check out these threads. A newer rec I'd add is Rusty's for the BBQ. They have a smoker on the side of the building and the limited BBQ offerings are excellent. However it can be quite noisy if you go there later on and the DJ kicks in. It seems to be a emulation of Dusty's at Creekside in Whistler if you're familiar with that.