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Jun 29, 2010 12:52 PM


New Yorker just arrive in Albuquerque. First stop, Powdrell's on Central.

The ribs either beef or pork were indistinguishable and over powered by the sauce. What I ate appeared to be yesterdays left overs. The Beef Brisket was also overpowered.

I had a side order of French fries which was very small and like eating wood.

Please Albuquerque you have to do better than that. Maybe I should try the Powdrell's Other Restaurant but I think- Once and Done.

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  1. As hard as it might be, seeing how this is the southwest, we sadly don't have much in the way of good BBQ in the the Q. Rudy's is decent as is Mad Max in Rio Rancho.

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    1. re: DebitNM

      So you have the green chile when you go to Memphis? ;-)

    2. This New yorker Had the exact opposite reaction at Powdrells on 4th street Nw. Some of the best pork ribs ever, barely glazed with sauce. Fantastic! FYI..ate at all the Lockhart TX BBQ spots ,(you know the three)and Salt Lick, also blue smoke,rub,daisy Mae,hill country in NYC, Powdrells were at the top of the list.

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        I have tried the NY places and expected better. I didn't get it. I ate at the Central Store which had recently reopened and had previous problems. My complaint was that I was served left over, stale food covered with excessive sauce.
        On your word I'll try Powdrells on 4th Street.