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Jun 29, 2010 12:47 PM

Reasonable and tasty eats for a band on tour in BC, especially in Northern BC and Okanagan?

Hi everybody,

My band will be on tour with another band in September and we are wondering about our eating options, especially in northern BC. Here's a list of the towns we'll be playing in:
Vancouver (Which we've got covered. I am a Van foodie through and through.)
Anywhere on route between van and Kamloops or Penticton for lunch
Prince George
Anywhere between Prince George and Fort St. John
Fort St John
Anything on route towards Edmonton

Anything reasonably priced would be fantastic. Road food gems are always exciting. Open late would be even more fantastic. Cheap breakfast is always greatly appreciated. Places we can stop and get fruit/munchies/groceries are helpful too. Warding off the tour scurvy is always beneficial.

Thanks so much ahead of time!

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  1. A good cup of coffee never hurt either, but I will haul my French press and Coleman stove just in case...

    1. In Penticton there is a great little lunch spot, Il Vecchio Delicatessen, on Robinson, behind the bus depot. They make the best little sandwiches for $3.75. Any two meats and a cheese plus toppings. It gets really busy on weekends but is worth the wait. When in area we stop by Penticton for these sandwiches and head to the beach or a nearby winery.

      Il Vecchio
      317 Robinson St, Penticton, BC V2A, CA

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      1. re: juso

        We sometimes have had conferences in Kamloops and have never been disappointed in a place called Storm's. They have a great patio by the water. I'm not sure how late they are open until but will include the number so you can call them. Have a great tour!

        1502 River Street, Kamloops, BC V2C1Y9
        (250) 372-1522

      2. Anyone have any suggestions for the more northern regions like up around Prince George? Even a good place to eat non-poisonous breakfast would help.

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          We usually eat breakfast at the hotel we stay at in PG, so that's not much help. If you're staying downtown, there is always the White Spot for breakfast. For dinner I'd recommend Cimo Mediterranean Grill - not sure if it will be open late enough for you There are some more expensive options, like Ric's Gril, but there's also a decent Tony Roma's in downtown Prince George if that's your thing (as well as a Keg) - both near the Ramada. Oh ..... there is a very good Indian restaurant too - across from the Ramada - with a not very original name - Tandoori. "Spicy Green" has been recommended to me by several people, but I haven't got there yet.

          There are some other ideas on Trip Advisor -

          Cimo Mediterranean Grill
          601 Victoria St, Prince George, BC V2L2K3, CA

          Tony Roma's
          , Fort St John, BC V1J, CA

          1. re: robinsegg

            Thanks! A friend just told me that Danamandi (sp?) is a really good bet for Indian food, too.

            1. re: wearedevo

              Oh yeah! Taking yer band on the road - lots of fun, yes. Lots of money, not so much. I'd definitely hit this Indian food place. As I remember, it was our only hope of anything green for miles around. Friendly owner - and very sympathetic to our aversion to 'brown food'.

            2. re: robinsegg

              Just a note that Tony Roma's is no longer open and the Keg is closed for renos and due to reopen in November. Spicy Green is very good but service tends to be on the slow side.

              What day of the week will you be in Prince George? You mentioned late night eats but depending on when you will be here will dictate what is available.

              As for Fort St. John, they are littered with your typical chain type restaurants. I typically stay at the Northern Grand and have found a good restaurant that is located on the street just behind the restaurant. Can't remember the name but if you are in that vicinity, there are not a whole lot of restaurants along that street and shouldn't be too hard to find. I haven't been back in a couple of years but my husband travels up there frequently for work and there is a new pub located in the Northern Quality Grand that he says had great pub food and a fun atmosphere with live entertainment. Since you are touring with a band, not sure if you would be interested in that type of place.

              As for eats between PG and Fort St. John, there is a cafe in Chetwynd that serves good soups, sandwiches, etc. I believe it is called CyberMind Cafe. Otherwise, you are pretty much looking at your typical A&W, Subways, etc. for eats. I'm not sure the exact location, just remember it being on one of the side streets but if you stopped and asked, someone could surely point you in the right direction as it is a small town.

              Tony Roma's
              , Fort St John, BC V1J, CA

              1. re: newbie5

                Newbie - wow - seems like Tony Roma's just opened, and they are closed already. Tough corner, that one. Ric's must be loving the extra business with the Keg closed for renos.

                Tony Roma's
                , Fort St John, BC V1J, CA

          2. In Prince George, if you are looking for reasonably priced, there is a vietnamese restaurant, Thanh Vu, that serves up good food at good prices. Also, Mai Thai restaurant has a good lunch special, soup or salad and entree for $10. Their soups are very good and I really like their curries. Not too sure about other stuff on their menu but their Green Curry is great so I haven't strayed too far from that. I tried their Pad Thai once and it wasn't very good so I now only stick to the tried and true.

            Not sure how long your layover is but there is a new place in town that puts out some very good food at decent prices. Hummus Bros Tapas Bar and Grill, they have a website with a menu posted if you want to check it out. They are located downtown on 4th Avenue. Cimo's as mentioned upthread does good pastas, all homemade. There are also a few japanese restaurants, I enjoy Sushi Hut on Central Avenue, Tokyo which is located on 17th I believe and downtown, there is Wasabi. Another eatery that I've heard some good feedback on but haven't had the opportunity to check out yet is Nancy O's, located on 3rd Avenue. There are a few other restaurants that I would recommend but wouldn't fit your criteria of "reasonably priced".

            Cheap breakfasts.....don't eat out for breaky very often so can't recommend anything on that front.

            We are no Vancouver but our choice in dining has definitely improved over the years.

            Thanh Vu Restaurant
            1778 97 Highwa S, Prince George, BC V2L, CA

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            1. This might give you some ideas for Kamloops and some surrounding areas.

              I personally enjoy breakfast from Hello Toast in Kamloops.

              Hello Toast
              428 Victoria St, Kamloops, BC V2C2A7, CA