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Jun 29, 2010 12:44 PM

Reef - what should I know about it

Hey guys....thinking of taking my gf to Reef for her birthday, but I've heard some mixed reviews about it (I always expect some dissent about these things, but am hearing more than I think I should about a F&W Best New Chef).

1) Is this a great spot for a celebration dinner?
2) If so, does anyone have any "insider's tips" about dining there?
3) Any must-try's on the menu?

I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer. Thanks!

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  1. Their creme fraiche cheesecake is awesome.

    1. Do not order fried mac and cheese. Not as a joke, not to "just try it", no. My experience wasn't in any way great. Not horrible, but not a birthday meal imho.

      1. FWIW I took my gf there for her birthday and she loved it. I don't have any insider tips since that was my only time there so far. I will say I disagree with LeroyT on the fried mac and cheese. We both really liked it and I would definitely order it again if I go back at some point. I will say I was a bit underwhelmed by my fish, but not in a bad way really. It was very good, I guess I just expected more. My gf had a whole Thai fish that was delicious though, so there's that. (That was a special, not a regular menu item.)

        It's not really a romantic restaurant, if that matters at all to you, but it's a pretty cool interior design.

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          Thanks...and I know what you mean about being underwhelmed at times in restaurants. Generally, if I can make the dish, then I'm a little disappointed to be eating it there. I'm not really a fish person, but my gf is very interested in trying the we are going barring a bad health dept inspection :)

        2. We really like Reef and have been a few times. To answer your questions:

          1) I think it's a great celebration place for a group more so then a couple but I do believe you can make it special for just the two of you. Call the restaurant when making your reservations and let them know that this is a celebration dinner. Personally I prefer a table off to the side and not in the middle of the room. It can get loud and very crowded on a Fri or Sat night, but maybe your girlfriend likes to be in the center of everything. If your girlfriend is into wine ask for a table by the glass wine cellar/room.

          2) My only insider tip is if you decide to go at the last minute (which you wouldn't in this case) and you don't have a reservation or there are no tables available, eat in the bar. I wouldn't recommend this all the time since we felt a little like we were at the kids table but we were able to linger and order off the dinner menu.

          3) I too love the macaroni and cheese. Actually that's usually my entree along with a salad. I also love the shrimp shooters. The red fish on the half shell is my husband's favorite but occasionally he will order something else. If your girlfriend likes wine and you know her likes their wine list is extensive. I'm always overwhelmed by it so I then tend to order the same wine. You could check it out ahead of time and in this way make the evening a bit more special also. We've had a couple of the desserts, the panna cotta strawberries and sorbet and also the no minors milkshake both are very good. You can share either.