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Jun 29, 2010 12:36 PM

Gaston County, NC - more than just RO's

Hello Chowhounds!

I thought I might add my thoughts as a resident of Gaston County; the red-headed step-child to Charlotte and the rest of Mecklenburg County. A search for Gastonia invariably results in a discussion about RO's slaw or Kyle Fletcher's BBQ, but there is much more to be had!

Working east to west:


Sammy's: Pub food with an extensive burger menu. It's okay, but not excellent.

Old Stone: An offering from the La Vecchia's, Old Stone's focus is steaks and sides. The rolls are awesome, and the steaks are pretty good. If you've ever eaten at La Vecchia's in Charlotte, a lot of the menu will look familiar.

The String Bean: Excellent sandwiches and some of the best sweet potato fries you've ever had. The beer selection is quite impressive.


Center Street Tavern: This place is great. Nice local casual dining spot with good pub food.


Village Restaurant: Cheap breakfast. You cannot leave hungry... it's impossible. Try the home fries.


Lotus: New American cuisine with an Asian flair. There are some great things going on at this restaurant. Execution of their ambitious menu is spot on, and they have expanded their wine list and beer selection into something to be proud of. On some nights they offer themed wine flights that are not to be missed. They have a talent for fish, but I have to say I've never had a bad meal there.

Please... Gaston County hounds... stand up and be counted!

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  1. I live in CLT, but have friends who recently moved to Gastonia. We are all foodlovers. I recently read about RO's slaw/sauce/condiment and it has piqued my curiousity. Do you recommend RO's? And do you also recommend Kyle Fletcher's?

    My friends in Gastonia sing the praises of the local farmers market there. And they too like Lotus.

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      RO's is certainly best known for the slaw. As far as BBQ goes, I would recommend Kyle Fletcher's over RO's. Now keep in mind that good BBQ is a debate that has raged long before us my friend, and will continue to rage long after our passing

      I would recommend trying both, and maybe pairing the experience with a stop after dinner at Tony's ice cream for dessert. I recommend the black walnut.

      1. re: FormerBrooklynHound

        Oh trust me, I will not engage in the bbq debate - I learned that a long time ago. Thanks for the feedback, we will heed your advice. I've not ventured much into Gastonia but will be there more often now that I have friends in town. You know, I've lived in Charlotte for 15 yrs now and I never heard of Tony's ice cream before last week. Since I read about them in The Observer, I've heard of them several times now and have even seen their ice cream in The Meat House (a new butcher/specialty foods franchise) here in South Charlotte/Ballantyne. Who can resist black walnut ice cream? Certainly not I!

        1. re: lynnlato

          Tony's fans have ravved to me for years about the grape ice cream. But no one told me about the Sweet Tea Slushies.

          1. re: kathleen purvis

            Oh Man! With this heat both of those are oh so tempting. Thanks KP!

    2. I forgot to mention H&M Deli in Cramerton. Also awesome with excellent sandwiches!

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      1. re: FormerBrooklynHound

        Stanley - The Woodshed


        Belmont Food & Beverage
        Sub Corral

        Belmont Food & Beverage
        101 Kenwood St, Belmont, NC 28012

        Sub Corral
        3670 S New Hope Rd, Gastonia, NC 28056

      2. I grew up in Gastonia and to me, nothing says the G-spot like RO's and Tonys. My mom and my wife and kids kringe whenever I ordered a slaw burger from RO's, but it is one of my favorite foods. My dad paid who knows how much to overnight me a quart for my birthday one year!! And any milkshake at Tony's will set you free!! But you gotta get a Cherry Lemon Sundrop at either!!

        RIP Carolina Country BBQ!

        Carolina Country Restaurant
        215 US Highway 13 N, Windsor, NC 27983

        1. Thanks for the tips! I travel through Gaston County quite a bit when heading to Hendersonville from Charlotte, and I've never really known of places to stop for dinner.

          I did stop and check out Kyle Fletcher's BBQ, and overall I was pleased. I wrote about it at

          1. Believe it or not we now have a Chicken Box in G-town. I was suspect when told but have now been twice, and they claim to be part of the Chicken Box in Charlotte.

            I asked.

            The look of the resto is the same as is the menu. The food is close enough for me not to drive to CLT for my chicken fix.

            I have tried the fried chicken and pork chops, most of the sides (the collards are sublime).

            They are on Bessemer City Highway, south side of 85, close to West End Hardware (same side of the road)

            FYI they only have 7 tables, most of their biz is takeout.

            As soon as it gets cooler I am taking on the neck bones and rice!

            Chicken Box Cafe
            3726 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28206