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Jun 29, 2010 12:31 PM

Seafood in Nassau County

We are interested in someplace with fresh fish choices, possibly a complete dinner special menu (3 course).

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  1. Fat Fish in syossett has good fresh fish. I've always enjoyed meals there. Not sure about any complete dinner special's though.

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    1. re: jnab121

      Actually, Fat Fish is in Bay Shore; CoolFish (which I think has a dinner prix-fixe) is in Syosset.

      1. re: Dyna

        OOPS. Your right. Thanks for the correction.

    2. Try Fork & Vine, aka On3 located in Glen Head. They have lots of very fresh seafood prepared imaginatively and a great wine list to boot. Not sure about all inclusive meal but the place is inexpensive enough so that you can afford to add a salad.