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Jun 29, 2010 11:37 AM

St Barths in August!

Hi! I'm surprising my boyfriend with a trip to St Barts for his birthday. We are going the first week in August. I have not been there in 10 years, and am dying of excitement!

My understanding is that quite a few places may be closed during August.... so, keeping that in mind.... I'm looking for recommendations for meals - lunch and dinner - as breakfast is included at our hotel. Also, good bar/nightlife scenes. We live in NYC so are used to good food, but I'd like to balance our trip with a more mellow low-key vibe restaurants/nightlife with some nights out at more fun sexy young lively scenes.

In addition to food if anyone has suggestions for other activities etc, I'm all ears!
Thanks so much!

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  1. Got back 2 weeks ago after spending 10 days on St Barth. First time we've been in the off season and I will start by saying its hot. Most of the restaurants are open air so it can be a bit uncomfortable so dress really light. And don't forget the bug spray. If the last time you were there was 10 years ago, I think several of the places you were at will have closed or moved locations. Also, you're probably right about the closings in August and into September. Even in June a lot of places were not open for lunch, only dinner. Any ways, since you didn't mention any price range - the island can be expensive even by NYC standards - here go some mid-priced suggestions.

    Le Select is still in the center of Gustavia. Burgers, fries and beers there provide good opportunity for people watching but there may not be as many people to watch in August - the big yachts were all gone in June.

    If you want a better burger, I would suggest Jojo in Lorient. Its a small place across from the cemetary. K'fe Massai also in Lorient is an attractive space for dinner - try the mahi mahi spring rolls.

    Santa Fe in Lurin is a fun spot. You will probably want to drive there during the day first to get used to the roads as its quite a steep climb before you try driving there in the dark for dinner. On the other hand you could have lunch there and then drive down the otherside and spend the afternoon on governeur beach which, in my opinion, is one of the most perfect beaches in the world.

    If its hot, I would suggest a lunch at La Gloriette in Grand Cul de Sac. The breeze coming off the water is great and they do a fine job with the accras and bavettte.

    Maya's in Public is always a standby. Should not be a problem with getting in like during the high season.

    For a quick picnic lunch, go to the super marche in St Jean across from the airport - it is in the back of the building and pick up some bread, pate, cheese and jambon at the counter. Or there's Maya's to go just a couple of store fronts down for something more elegant. The boulangerie on the road from St Jean to Lorient also has some great stuff to pick up to go.

    Two of my favorites won't be options. The old Au Port is gone. Really loved that place, friendly staff, great food. Le Sapotillier is closed in August. Wonderful space but not the same since the sapotillier tree was removed.

    But that points out what I think the biggest issue will be for you. August is really quiet in St Barth with the heat and hurricane season.

    So there are some suggestions. Report back on where you went. Have fun and stay cool.

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      Great suggestions in the above email... I will add a few thoughts. Many of our favorites are closed but you will not go hungry.

      We love Santa Fe for lunch and dinner. The food is very good and the owner Manu is just wonderful. Try the tomato tart for a starter. Lunch is fun because of the views.

      Eddy's is one of our favorite places on the island, its kind of an Asian/Creole fusion place. Dinner only and no reservations. The papaya salad and specials are very good. Chocolate nems for dessert are to die for. The owner's father is Marius of Le Select fame.

      Harbour Saladarie has reopened for about a year in a new and very pretty location. We loved their duck breast. Nice harbor location.

      We were also saddened that Au Port is gone. I will never forget dinner there after the carnival parade. It was raining but the hard core were still dancing and playing music. Le Sapotillier restaurant and tree are gone for good, its now called B4 and getting decent reviews.

      Isola if you are interested in Italian food on a French island. The food gets raves but the space is more NYC than SBH. Also above Gustavia is a new and beautiful restaurant whose name I can't remember. Its expensive but has great sunset views. Used to be La Mandala....

      I love the take away things from Petit Colombe, a bakery with several locations on the island (in Colombier just above Flammands, Lorient and Gustavia.) Go early for breakfast and pick up sandwiches, salads and pastries for lunch. Kiki et Mo in St Jean and Bouchon in Lorient are also good for take away, pizzas, panninis, etc.

      Le Creperie is open when many places are not and has good crepes (obviously), omelets and salads.

      Have a great trip, SBH is my favorite island!

      1. re: mb luvs SBH

        Bummer to hear that Le Sapotillier is gone! Did not have a chance to go there last month. Guess that's what happens when you let a couple of years go between return trips. Makes me want to drown my sorrows in a vanilla rhum. Good thing I brought some of that back.