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Jun 29, 2010 11:22 AM

Best Cambodian in Philadelphia?


Can anyone suggest the best, most authentic Cambodian restaurant -- not fusion (Kavei) and not Burmese (Rangoon). I'll be there tomorrow night after business hours. I'll be driving so distance is not a problem, but I'll be coming from the NW suburbs then after dinner drop off the rental car at the 30th Street Station, so it should be no more than 30-40 minutes driving from Center City.

If there is something suitable for another visit, let's say on a weekend, I'm open to that too, but I am in particular looking for something for tomorrow night.


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  1. Why do you call Kavei fusion? I realize that they serve Vietnamese food as well as Cambodian, but AFAICT the dishes themselves are authentic.

    There are a handful of hole in the wall types places on 7th St below Snyder, but they all close at 7 and are not places to have great meals, even though some of the dishes served are good. There are also "fusion," I think, as many seem to run by ethnic Chinese who lived in Cambodia. Some also serve Pho and Banh Mi. One of the chefs once explained to me that the dishes he served were of Southern Chinese origin. But Cambodian food confuses me, maybe that is what Cambodian cuisine is. In any case, in my limited experience, dish for dish the food at Kavei is better than these places.

    Are they are any specific dishes you are looking for?

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      Also I will add that if you come down on the weekend during the day, there is a grumpy old lady who sells marinated, grilled pork and chicken on a stick a the corner of 8th & Jackson. I think they are $1.25 a piece and very worth it.

    2. What about Cafe de Laos? The similarities of Laotion and Cambodian food might do the trick.